Using website & competitor audits to find the cause of fluctuations in web traffic, leads or sales (Friday 13th May – 9:00am – 10:00am)

Insight Audits are a series of discovery projects that allow you to understand what is happening on your website, in your sector (your competitors) and within the economy.

These audits require the use of your own first-party data, such as Analytics but they often require the use of third-party tools, which you may need to pay for.

  • What causes changes to your traffic, leads and sales
  • Economic factors that have impacted the demand for products and services over the last 2 years
  • How to determine changes in your sector and competitors?
  • What factors impact your site performance?
  • How to use Insight Audits to determine the cause of fluctuations in your site?
  • Reviewing economic factors
  • Auditing sector and competitor performance
  • Channel-specific audits to compare the performance of your site and marketing vs your competitors
  • Case studies to illustrate the diagnostic process for auditing the performance of your site and marketing vs your competitors
  • How Anicca can help you carry out an Insight Audit

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