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Our data-driven technical SEO agency will ensure your website is technical sound and ready for SEO optimsation

What is Technical SEO?

We are a data-driven technical seo agency, we believe technical SEO is a fundamental part of general SEO. Without technical SEO, you could be spending time optimising a website that isn’t fit for purpose. You can think of technical SEO as the foundation of a house. Without a strong foundation, the house will never stand.


Technical issues can cause a huge issue for your organic visibility, so if the issues are not found and fixed, the organic visibility will never improve. Technical SEO ensures that search engines can access and crawl your website efficiently.


At Anicca, we have a team of experts who have years of experience in providing technical SEO consultancy. Our services include identifying and resolving technical issues that can limit a website’s organic performance.


Whether you require assistance in improving page speed for your website or you need to find out why Google is not indexing your website then our SEO team will be able to help and diagnose. Our team has a vast knowledge in a wide array of CMS platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Hubspot, and many more.

What are the common technical SEO issues?

As a technical SEO agency, we deal with a wide range of technical website issues. There are too many to list here, however our technical audits are extensive and cover all aspects of your website to ensure there will be no hinderance to ongoing SEO. Here are some key technical seo issues you may find affect your website: 

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can tank your SEO scores. Ecommerce websites for example commonly have ‘duplicate content’ as products sit in multiple categories. Google likes you to have unique content and define what is the original piece, so that it knows which version to serve (or avoid) in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We help you optimise content to avoid scoring negatively.

Server Response Codes

Server response codes are numerical values that indicate the status of a webpage/URL. For example, a 404 error (Page not found) could be a problem if a page is supposed to be live and now is not. 500 errors mean there is an issue with the server being able to display the page. Errors can have a detrimental effect on rankings. We help solve these issues with dedicated SEO solutions.

Core Web Vitals

Users want a page to load at speed (2-4 seconds) and be able to engage with it with no roadblocks to the user journey or experience. Google is also mobile-first in its approach to what version of a site to index and display to users, since most users use mobile devices. Google uses a set of metrics called the Core Web Vitals to measure this and we can assist with getting your website to pass these assessments, which could result in a minor boost in organic rankings.

Google Algorithm Updates – Penalties & Recovery

There are various Google algorithms within its over-arching “Core Algorithm”, and we audit for all of these and their causes and solutions. You are not told about most issues; we have to investigate data and draw corelations in performance vs algorithm update or guideline violations. But there are specific ‘penalties’ that are reported to you, called ‘manual action penalties’, and we are familiar with them and can address them.

To conduct our SEO audits, we start by gaining access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. We will run website crawls (replicating how Google would crawl your website) using multiple tools such as Screaming Frog, OnCrawl and Ahrefs. This then allows us to dissect all reports and data pulled from our tools to build a picture of how your website performs against all known technical issues on our checklist.


Based on your CMS and coding framework, we will then list issues along with recommended solutions based on what will have the most impact to your website’s performance, cost of fixing if developers are required and timeframes etc.


We present findings in a word document with a summary of issues and specific solutions for you. We accompany this with a supporting spreadsheet of pages affected by the issue which can be used by your developers to use when resolving each issue.


We build in support time to liaise with you and your developers and support/re-test until issues are resolved. We will monitor the progress of your website and SEO KPIs against changes made and report on the impact. 

Complete SEO consultancy services

With years of experience in providing technical SEO services, we can efficiently audit websites, delve into the root causes of issues and list off proven solutions (based on the CMS platform and coding framework you use).


This part of SEO may not be very exciting or interesting for some clients, so we can also take care of all of the technical developer liaison while keeping everything transparent and explaining every bit of jargon and proposed solution to you.


We have a collective 20 years of experience in technical SEO and our team come from web development backgrounds, so we are able to liaise with web developers easily and efficiently.


We have worked on various technical projects from website launches and migrations to international SEO set-up projects and more, so if you require any technical SEO consultancy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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