B2B & B2C Digital Marketing for Utilities Companies

Striving to support the growth of your business.


Anicca Digital’s utilities sector specialists are on hand to develop the right digital marketing strategy to meet and exceed your business objectives.


Experienced account managers will take ownership of your marketing strategy, and work with you to implement your bespoke marketing plan. This will often be a mix of SEO, PPC and PR work, as well as any other areas that your particular website and company would benefit from, such as Link Building or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).


No matter your objectives – whether that’s to increase sign-ups, conversions or improve brand awareness, our team will be able to deliver the marketing strategy that’s right for your goals.

Full Service Support from Anicca

Paid Search & Paid Social for Utilities

As Google Premier Partners with experience within the utilities sector, our team will help you find the most relevant customers and get more clicks to your website.


Paid Search and Paid Social advertising will ensure increased visibility for your utilities company, and put you at the forefront of a competitive market.


Our award-winning Paid Search and Paid Social teams will find your audience and create ads that get results:


  • Create regional, national and/or international campaigns on search engines and social media platforms with full flexibility
  • Maximise the efficiency of your budgets
  • Implement our expert techniques for lead generation
  • Target niche audiences using display ads and specific audience targeting on social media
  • Find qualified, conversion-based traffic

SEO for Utilities

Our SEO team have several years of experience working within the utilities sector. In practical terms this means we have the unique experience of keyword research, search audiences and search intents, and the resulting content requirements that maximise engagement and conversions. Based on our experience, we will help you achieve your ideal business goals, whatever they may be. With your specific KPIs in place, we’ll tailor your campaign to improve your search traffic, fix roadblocks and send high-quality, organic customers to your site.


We also report each month on your site’s progress, allowing us to correlate work completed with results and assess any real-time changes to the strategy that are needed, while giving you a perfect platform to present results to your stakeholders and make informed decisions on your services/products.


Our SEO approach can work as a standalone project, or it can complement other channels, such as Paid Search or Social Media. We take every opportunity to link-up our efforts if were working o a multi-channel project.


Improving your page rankings on search engines brings benefits in innumerable ways, allowing potential and existing customers to find and purchase the specific services/products you want to drive leads or sales to. Targeting specific audiences and search intents also helps to improve click through rates in the Google SERPs, along with engagement and conversions when they land on the site.


SEO tasks that we may recommend for your utilities company include:


  • Create an SEO strategy that aligns to your KPIs; we’ll identify what your customers are searching for, look at competitors, define search intent around your products/services, and complete keyphrase research and a page plan with those keyphrases mapped
  • Complete a content audit, strategy and editorial content calendar for product and sector specific content, including complex technical and engineering products and solutions, which are optimised for the keywords previously researched
  • Deliver an in-depth Technical SEO audit to find any problems, ensure your website is fully indexable, appeals to desktop and mobile devices, and generally delivers an optimum user experience. We will priorities the most impactful solutions, liaise directly with your developers if need be, and make the whole process as simple for you as possible
  • Do you want to target different locations or improve your international audience? We can use data and produce an informed strategy to help you set-up or improve visibility in multiple locations implementing geo-targeting work and liaising with multiple stake-holders where necessary

Conversion Optimisation for Utilities

Our Head of Analytics personally works on every site that requires improved data, help with analytics or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).


At Anicca, all of our work is data-driven. Our marketing strategies and recommendations are formed at all times on improving your site’s data.


Our Analytics audits highlight opportunities for further understanding, while CRO improves how many customers are converting on your site. Our Analytics work is usually comprised of:


  • Conversion insight to better understand customer behaviour
  • Creation of sophisticated data studio dashboards and reports to integrate data across multiple platforms
  • Combining various mediums such as LinkedIn leads and sales data, Facebook, visualisation by region and products, keywords and much more
  • Use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing automation software to integrate and streamline your sales and marketing processes. This can include SharpSpring, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho and more.

PR & Link Building for Utilities

The value of our PR.


Be a thought leader, drive the key conversations in your industry and improve the visibility of your website with PR.


  • Use social listening to identify opportunities within the manufacturing and engineering industries
  • We’ll find niche audiences to target, so your business gets in front of the right people.
  • Remarket to audiences who have previously visited your website to keep you front of mind
  • Communicate directly with customers on your latest products and services

PR & Link Building for Manufacturing & Engineering

Be a thought leader, drive the key conversations in your industry and improve the visibility of your website with PR.


  • Increase the quality and quantity of your coverage
  • Maximise online coverage and build links to support SEO activity
  • Coverage across regional, national and trade media
  • Create standout entries for regional and industry awards

Digital Marketing Training for Utilities Staff

Sharing our insider knowledge, expert tactics and years of experience in the sector is something we offer to help your business and your team grow.


Our training can cover any digital marketing channel in detail, or provide upskilling sessions across the board. Our training sessions are built individually to suit your team, and can accommodate individuals or larger groups. Our sessions include:


  • ntensive, hands-on training with access to the training slides, plus extra resources and materials
  • One-to-one or group sessions with our marketing experts
  • Training specific to your exact industry
  • Industry-recognised qualifications
  • Virtual learning via our online portal and access to webinars
  • Training of international teams, including workshops in the UK and overseas (in-person or remotely)

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