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Anicca Increases Revenue by 34% and helps deliver European wide PPC Strategy


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Labels can be a sticky business!

The online label business is booming due to UK’s love of buying online, alongside a growth in craft and hobby interests. The market is dominated by supersites such as Amazon, Vistaprint and Avery and lots of label specialists that only sell labels online.

Peterborough-based AA Labels is one of the success stories in this busy eCommerce market. Their excellent user-friendly website and reputation for high levels of customer service and premium products has resulted in annual revenue growth of 20%, driven by organic traffic.

However, significant issues with their existing Google AdWords account and SEO were uncovered when they asked Anicca Digital to audit their website and accounts in May 2018.

Anicca provided an integrated search strategy across SEO and PPC, alongside an initial investment to correct revenue tracking in Google Analytics.
During the first 6 months, the campaign has achieved significant results in terms of sales, traffic and brand awareness.


  • To manage the digital marketing for the eCommerce site https://www.aalabels.com and exceed +20% historical revenue growth 
  • Fix Google Analytics issues, including PPC and revenue tracking and KPI reporting
  • Improve performance from Google Ads
  • Introduce Bing Ads
  • Increase revenue by +20% YOY
  • Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) to 4:1
  • Promote new and additional product categories
  • Expand PPC into 9 European markets
  • Optimise and create new shopping ads to increase impression share and ROAS


Our Solution

Our approach was to optimise and restructure existing campaigns on Google Ads, followed by gradually introducing new campaigns for products and countries.

We also used a range of automation, A/B testing and retargeting methods in order to increase click through rates and conversion rates.

Activity in the first three months included:

  • Full audit of the website and current marketing activities
    Google Ads account restructure and adding new campaigns to the account
  • Building an account in Bing Ads as existing customer demographics were ideal for that channel

PPC activity included:

Optimisation of Existing PPC Campaigns:

Separation of brand and non-brand campaigns
Maximising impression share and budget for brand campaigns
Use of mobile and tablet bid modifiers for non-brand campaigns
Optimisation of restructured campaigns, such as pausing poor performing campaigns

Phased Creation of New PPC Campaigns:

  • New country campaigns
  • New product campaigns
  • Dynamic search ads to capture additional keyphrases
  • Google Shopping ads
  • Syncing well-performing Google campaigns with Bing

Use of other PPC Automation and Audience Techniques

  • Dynamic remarketing, display remarketing, creation of remarketing lists
  • Scripts for position bidding
  • Smart Shopping campaigns
  • Smart ads and countdown ads, showing the number of hours before the next day delivery deadline


Results from the first 6 months of taking over the account:-AA Labels Jam Jar Label

  • Increase in overall transactions and revenue
  • Increase in site traffic and quality  +31.20%
  • Increase in new customers: +14.67% 
  • Decrease in bounce rate by 49.95%
  • Increase in visitor engagement
  • Pages/session: Up 3.65%
  • Avg. Session Duration: Up 18.23%
  • Transactions: Up 17.71%
  • Revenue: Up 34.86%

"After many years with other agencies, we decided at contract renewal to undertake due diligence and bench-mark the service and outcomes that we were receiving from our existing agency. From the initial presentation to contract agreement, Ann and her team at Anicca impressed with their knowledge, ideas and business acumen. Since appointing Anicca in July 2018 we have seen significant growth in both PPC and SEO income as promised and in addition we are now developing a much broader front to our marketing, including PR and Social Media. Anicca have strength in depth in all relevant areas of digital marketing and beyond and it is this vision and investment that enables Anicca to deliver above average outcomes for our business."

Ian Axelsen - Business Development Manager, AA Labels

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