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Anicca Digital was commissioned by Visit East of England to run paid social activity to promote their new tourist campaign Head East. The campaign ran from September 2021 to January 2022 and was centred around promoting the East of England as a destination for Arts, History and Culture beyond the traditional summer season, highlighting the activities and opportunities that take place all year round.

Target audience 


The primary target audience for the campaign was identified by The Audience Agency, as ‘Metroculturals’ and ‘Commuterland culture buffs’ located in the regions bordering Norfolk and Suffolk, colloquially known within the context of the project as ‘the banana’. These datasets were then supplied to Anicca, where we undertook audience research based on the two identified audiences for implementation on both Meta and TikTok. With this information we were able to draw out objectives and plan the campaign.



Our objectives were varied to ensure success on all levels. These objectives included:

  • Promote visits to the East of England from the target areas.
  • Create solid KPIs that would measure campaign effectiveness.
  • Research Metro Cultural & Commuterland Culture Buff demographics & create a targeting strategy for Meta & TikTok.
  • Use location data supplied to us by the Audience Agency, who researched postcodes where the above personalities are likely to live.
  • Implement a dynamic campaign plan and align budgets to maximise campaign success.
  • Create a creative concept throughout, which included campaign assets and ad copy.
  • Use both Meta & TikTok to create awareness and help launch the Head East campaign.

Our Solution

We originally only launched on Meta, with the campaign running from September 2021 to February 2022 and proposed the following KPIs:


  • Traffic; Drive traffic to the website to drive awareness and remarketing.
  • Lead Gen; Build up the email marketing list for audience retention.
  • Follow campaign; Increase the following of their new Facebook page to help with future organic marketing.


We launched with four videos curated by Visit East of England and then edited by Anicca to create suitable social media snippets that would highlight the exciting places to go in Norfolk & Suffolk. Along with this we also created some eye-catching and colourful stills that would align with the informal messaging we proposed; arts & culture highlights, weekend breaks, outdoor adventures and seasonal messaging.

We started to notice that audiences converted more to ads with seasonal messaging, so we proposed that going forward we would implement a more dynamic strategy and refresh our messaging and creatives to align with the season rather than general arts. This strategy became the catalyst for Head East’s continued growth, achieving in five months:



For phase 2 we launched on TikTok (17th November – 20th January), where the main goal was to drive awareness to younger audiences which fell in line with TikTok’s platform demographics. We utilised the video creatives that we first used in the Meta campaign, however, they were edited in the platform to add trending music and seasonal messaging.

Due to TikTok’s minimum spend cap we were limited on the number of campaign types we could have, so we chose to launch an awareness and traffic campaign to increase awareness. On TikTok unfortunately you are unable to narrow down audiences to specific locations so our targeting had to be broad, targeting England as a whole. However, this did mean we achieved a higher reach in comparison to Meta ads. Overall in the two months achieving:




  • Reach: 538,828
  • Landing Page Views: 6,219
  • Facebook Follows: 1,100
  • Email Sign-Ups (Leads): 2,147




  • Reach: 1,558,388
  • Landing Page Views: 5,964
  • Paid Likes: 11,924
  • Video Views at 100%: 26,054
  • Clicks: 33,424


We achieved great results in the Head East campaign, after starting from scratch with their social media channels. Check out more about the social media services our agency provides.

Pall-Ex have been working with Anicca digital for a few years now and our results have been outstanding. The innovation from their team is a breath of fresh air.
Mark Steele
MD – Pall-Ex International Business Units

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