Optimising against Salesforce Leads in order to drive Increased Conversions and ROI within the Energy Comparison Market


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The Client

Switch My Business, the UK’s leading business energy comparison service, approached Anicca to help increase both the volume and value of its business energy leads from Google Ads.
Switch My Business gets the majority of its leads from PPC, which are then converted via its tele-sales team. These sales are then tracked using a highly customised version of the Salesforce CRM software. Use of PPC for switching energy suppliers is a highly competitive sector. Business energy searches are even more specialised, generating around 90k searches per month.


Large increases in competitor activity saw a 30% increase in cost-per-click (CPC) from £19 to £25 over six months during the project. Overall, competitor activity had pushed CPCs from £8 to over £20 in just 4 years.


A further challenge was due to the nature of SMB’s Salesforce account, automatic importing of sales data into Google Ads and Google Analytics was not possible.


  • Increase the volume of leads from companies switching their business energy contracts by +15% 
  • Maintain existing cost per lead
  • Identify high value audiences and keywords within search that drive high value/usage contracts.
  • Combat the high level of competitor activity in search

Our Solution

After an extensive audit, we undertook the following phased approach:


Use of Dynamic Ad Customisers for highly relevant text ads


In order to make improvements on already well optimised ads, Anicca leveraged Google’s ad customiser functionality to automatically update ad copy based on user postcode, keyword query, device used, date and time.  This involved the creation of a database file containing individual postcodes and the specific amount they would save in that area that would be triggered by the user’s location. This meant that a user searching for energy on Google would see a highly relevant and contextual ad featuring the postcode they were located within.


Use of Dynamic Bidding Scripts


We also introduced average position bidding scripts to run every 15 minutes in order to maintain high average positions in peak times. These scripts were modified to specific requirements, adjusting bids every 15 minutes to achieve an optimal position and to maximise impression share and click through rate.


Optimising against Lead Opportunities in SalesForce


Switch My Business uses a highly customised version of Salesforce to track a qualified lead through the process to a sale and recording the estimated energy usage.  With a cost per lead of around £50, it was essential to maximise traffic from the keyphrases that generated leads with maximum revenue and lifetime value from clients with the highest energy usage.


Our solution for linking Google Ads and Sales Force was to pass the GCLID (Google Click Identifier) information from the Google Ads when a user a completed a form on the website. This meant the Google Ads ID could be tied to the enquiry in sales force and cross-referenced back to the campaign, ad or keyword that drove the enquiry.  Lead data from salesforce such as lead status and kilowatt usage would then be imported back into Google Ads to allow automated rule engine bidding against actual qualified opportunities data.  By optimising for qualified leads as opposed to enquiries allowed more effective ad targeting and improved lead quality. In addition it is also provided greater understanding into the relevant audiences and lead journeys of customers.


Cross channel strategies to increase renewals and reduce churn


Business energy contracts are normally renewed every 12 to 36 months, so we wanted to set-up mechanisms to increase awareness prior to the renewal date. This involved a cross-channel strategy where we would use paid social and display ads to target audiences, which had been created by exporting details of the next month’s renewals (i.e. custom audiences in Facebook and Customer Match in Google Ads).



  1. Creating audiences from a list of next month’s contract renewals
  2. Awareness campaigns in paid display and social
  3. Remarketing in Google Ads using RLSA when they are searching to switch
  4. Dynamic ad creative for exsiting customers


In the face of ongoing bid inflation due to high competitor activity,
we achieved the following results:
  • 17.6% increase in clicks year-on-year
  • 16.4% increase in conversions year-on-year
  • 11.4% increase in click through rate (CTR)
  • 5.5% increase in impression share year-on-year

I really appreciate your, Stefan and Dan’s efforts over the past 12 months – we’ve worked on some really interesting projects and have loads of learnings that will massively help in the future.

Dave Chadwick

Marketing Manager

The Drum Search Awards - WINNER

We were a triple winner at the 2019 Drum Search Awards. Awards included:


Best Use of Data or Insights |  Best B2B Campaign | Grand Prix Award

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