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increase in traffic from outside of Leicestershire

The Client

Visit Leicester is a destination marketing organisation (DMO) tasked with a special role of promoting locations, be it for their historical, cultural, or natural significance to drive tourism to grow the community and support local businesses.

As the official tourism website for the area, Visit Leicester represents both Leicester as a city and the Leicestershire county at large by providing ‘comprehensive, high-quality information on the many tourism-related products and services in the city and county so that visitors know all about us as a destination.’

Their goal is to deliver informative and engaging content to drive visitation and positively impact the local economy.

We were excited to work with them on a dedicated paid media DMO campaign to help them reach a wider audience and drive traffic (both online and offline) to visit Leicester.


Visit Leicester came to Anicca Digital with several key objectives. These included:

  • Increase traffic to the Visit Leicester website by 20%​
  • Increase engagement and reach of posts by 100% compared to current organic content ​
  • Increase engagement rates from audiences 1 hour’s drive outside of the Leicestershire area by 100%​
  • Establishing analytics dashboard for PMT and training session on interpreting data​
  • Monthly reports and bi-weekly activity updates​
  • Performance report with recommendations at campaign conclusion in August with a section on options and costings for extension​


An added factor of this project was the need to boost visits as the UK came out of the COVID-19 lockdown and make the most of the warmer summer months. To do this we were tasked with promoting their ‘Uncover the Story’ campaign that was launching highlighting the hidden gems Leicester and Leicestershire have to offer.

An exciting part of this campaign was the fact this was the first paid campaign run by Visit Leicester and would act as a litmus test to unlock more budget for future campaigns.




Along with running a brand new campaign for the post-COVID era, Visit Leicester also identified the demographics they hoped to attract. These were broken down into four key themes:

Broken down into 4 key themes:

  • 2,000 years of history
  • Unique attractions and activities
  • Beautiful market towns
  • City’s heritage

With all of this information and context, we set to work creating a paid media campaign that would reinvigorate the area and promote local tourism.

Our Solution

Our paid media team proposed the use of Meta (FB & Instagram) based on the available budget. Paid social media is a powerful tool, not only for driving leads but also for creating buzz and word-of-mouth.


Visit Leicester provided the initial imagery and videos, and our team got to work turning these materials into workable assets based on their brand guidelines. This focus ensures a unified style and voice to reinforce the campaign’s legitimacy.


We also streamlined the account structure by focusing the ad spend on several core campaigns

These were;

  • The family fun seekers ad sets are determined by location rather than interest. We took this approach as there were no clear ad sets that could be based on interests and it would enable us to get valuable data on people living in Leicestershire vs. people commuting in​.
  • The ‘empty nesters’ audience focused on key tourism interests amongst an older age demographic​ with more time to spend exploring the local area.
  • The mini-breakers audience focused on key tourism interests within a younger age demographic, that would cater to couples and groups of friends

Ad groups in practice;

  • The tourism interests used each aligned to attractions and activities that fell within the promotion of the pillars of uncovering the story (2,000 years of history, market towns etc.)​ 
  • The visiting family and friends audience was absorbed within each of these as it had no unique identifiable audience traits outside of what was already being targeted​ 


In total, four campaigns were created to cover family fun seekers, empty nesters, mini-breakers and look-a-like audiences.


The results speak for themselves. Our first objective was to increase traffic to the site by 20%. We soared past that mark increasing sessions by 92% compared to the previous period.


The second objective to increase engagement rates from audiences 1 hour’s drive outside of Leicestershire by 100% was a lofty one and we were pleased to see a healthy 71.3% increase from audiences in Leicestershire and a 94.6% increase from outside of Leicestershire.

Our final objective was to increase engagement and reach of posts by 100% compared to current organic content. Again, we were able to exceed this target increasing the average daily reach from 1,531 to 25,465.


We were so pleased with our efforts as we saw incredible results from these campaigns. As a test case, it’s incredibly rewarding and we can’t wait to work with DMOs in the future to drive positive growth and much-needed stimulus to their towns, cities, and attractions. If you’re interested in working with us on your next DMO project or want to find out more about how paid social media can bring about positive change contact us today.

Pall-Ex have been working with Anicca digital for a few years now and our results have been outstanding. The innovation from their team is a breath of fresh air.
Mark Steele
MD – Pall-Ex International Business Units

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