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Digital lead generation services to help you grow your business

Anicca Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency with more than a decade of experience in helping UK and international B2B businesses to generate quality leads, which their sales teams then convert into high-value contracts and sales.

Proof is in the pudding! Client case studies

You can read our case studies (at the following link) and find out how we helped Experian, Domino Printing, Switch My Business, The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Adacore to develop their lead generation businesses.

The Switch My Business case study from August 2018, has been successful in a number of award categories; including Google 2018 Premier Partner Agency Awards (for search), The UK Agency Awards 2018, and The Drum B2B Awards 2018.

Challenge Anicca! We can solve your urgent lead generation problems and answer your most pressing questions

We offer a range of digital marketing services on a project or ongoing basis; this includes all the Paid, Owned, Earned and Technical (POET) channels. So, whether you are in finance, utilities, manufacturing, or professional services - our digital marketing specialists can work in partnership with your in-house team to help you achieve your leads, sales and cost per acquisition targets.

We want you to Challenge Anicca! to solve your urgent technical issues and answer your important marketing questions. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked by our clients:

Q. How can I create a data-led, multi-channel strategy to grow my lead generation business?

A. Anicca has developed the A10 Digital Marketing Framework for auditing and developing your strategic plan. This extensive discovery and consultancy project can take between 10 and 20 days to complete. It will provide you with a blueprint of recommendations that you can implement in-house; or you can entrust to Anicca’s experts, to carry out on your behalf. Note: We can also carry out smaller project(s) to audit and develop a strategy for a single channel(s).

Q. What technology and tools do I need to implement my marketing plan?

A. Anicca can provide bespoke technical consultancy on website and using marketing technology, selection and implementation of tools, tracking, Anlaytics and reporting. We can work with your internal team, your web developer, or undertake the set-up of software, tools and reporting dashboards, on your behalf.

Q. How can I significantly and quickly grow the number of incoming leads?

A. For rapid results (and to generate the most leads from your budget) - Anicca will implement the best performing blend of paid acquisition techniques, across paid search, paid display, paid social and emerging technologies such as programmatic TV and radio.

Q. How can I achieve leads at a lower cost?

A. We will optimise your campaigns and use a range of cutting-edge techniques such as scripts and remarketing to reduce the cost per acquisition. However, we would also recommend investing in Owned and Earned Media, so you get “free” leads from direct and organic traffic to your site, or via social media channels. This would be achieved by working in collaboration with your team to develop longer-term integrated content marketing campaigns (i.e. content planning, creation and distribution), which will also help with your SEO, email, influencer/media outreach and social media.

Q. Is it worth me investing in building my brand awareness?

A. Yes, absolutely; some brand awareness techniques such as display, social media, PR and programmatic TV, will get you leads immediately. However, content marketing strategies on your own website and through third party influencers and the media/press; can also help to grow your brand awareness and the domain authority of your website, with a secondary (and positive impact) on your SEO.

Q. How can I improve the quality of the leads, so I generate more sales from my marketing budget?

A. If you have a limited budget, or you have maxed out the amount of traffic to your website; then Anicca can work with you to focus on improving the conversion rates on your site and trying to identify the sources and types of leads that generate the most or the higher value sales.

These two types of projects involve; a) landing page testing (conversion rate optimisation) and b) importing sales data back into Analytics or Google ads to enable optimisation based on sales value (CRM data integration project).

Q. How can I improve retention and stop my customer defecting to my competitors at the end of their contract?

A. By exporting the CRM details of the customers that are about to renew, we can create custom audiences across multiple platforms (such as Facebook, Google Ads etc). Each month, a new cohort of customers will be the target audience for an awareness campaigns in the period leading up to their renewal. These retention ads will sell the benefits of renewing their contract vs leaving to go to a competitor.  Search remarketing (RLSA) and customised ads can also be used for customers who are at risk of defecting, when they are proactively searching for competitors or comparison terms.

Top digital channels for lead generation

Our lead generation and technical support services are geared towards getting you more high quality, affordable leads, which convert into sales or contracts. We do this by employing various techniques:

  • Paid search (Pay Per Click - PPC) in both Google and Bing Ads
  • Paid social media advertising including sponsored posts, lead generation ads and sponsored InMail. The ads can be placed used across multiple platforms but LinkedIn and Facebook are often the most effective)
  • Remarketing and retargeting techniques in paid search, social media and display
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Content marketing
  • Email marketing and marketing automation
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and landing page tests
  • Remarketing strategies for retention (using uploaded custom audiences)
  • Use of technology such as Call tracking technology and marketing automation software (MAS).

More details of our main lead generation services

Lead generation audit and strategy, using Anicca’s A10 Digital Marketing Framework

We can provide insight and strategy using Anicca’s A10 Digital Marketing Framework. Typically, this discovery and consultancy project will take 10-20 days, and involves auditing most aspects of your digital assets and marketing activities prior to develop your strategic plan. You can then choose to implement the recommendations yourself or work with our team across one or multiple channels.

  • The first step in the A10 framework is to carry out an audit your existing website, digital assets and marketing activities, to identify issues and opportunities
  • This includes strategies on how to improve your assets, the tools and infrastructure that will be required when you implement the strategy; plus, how to measure and report on your KPI
  • The framework also includes an implementation plan to improve all aspects of your customers’ interaction with your brand (i.e. Brand Awareness, Acquisition, Consideration, Conversion, Retention and Advocacy)
  • Once we have completed the A10 digital marketing strategy – you can decide if you need any further help from Anicca to implement the recommendations
  • If you decide you want to manage most of the project in-house, then we can undertake specific projects, or we help train your team to introduce or update their skills

Practical help to set-up your technology tool-set

  • Providing advice on CRM and marketing automation, this can include tool selection, training and implementation, or general advice on how to improve your existing software to provide integration across other platforms
  • Ensure that your events and conversions are being tracked from your website, including the use of event tracking, data layers in Google Tag Manager and use of call tracking technology
  • Configuring your Analytics and Google Tag manager accounts (so the identity and status of any leads completed on your website can be tracked in your CRM, Analytics and Google Ads accounts),
  • Creation of integrated dashboards, bringing data together from Analytics, multiple channels and your own CRM

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