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Anicca Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency with more than a decade of experience in helping UK and Global  businesses generate quality leads and grow their businesses.

Proof is in the Pudding!

+15% Growth


Anicca Digital's involvement with utilities comparison site Switch My Business helped achieve a 15% uplift in lead acquisition through improved online conversion rate efficiency.


+10% Growth


Global Printing Manufacturer Domino Printing rolls out Anicca supported global PPC and SEO strategy that increases global acquisition growth by 10% in 12 months.


+150% Growth


Innovative Twitter #FraudChat Sees 150% growth in B2B Subscribers for Experian Identity & Fraud leading to a seismic shift in the business’s approach to social media.


Our Services

We offer comprehensive end to end lead generation services for customer awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention. We can help you navigate the ever shifting B2B landscape, ensuring your marketing spend is channeled to those activities most likely to generate maximum impact and return on investment. We know how to deploy the right blend of digital marketing techniques based on your audience and objectives.



Paid media campaigns on Google, Bing and Amazon. Delivered by a Google Premier Partner Agency.

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We are Leicester's strategic SEO Agency - Delivering visibility and ROI for our clients.

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Content Marketing

The creation of new, dynamic content for your website is vital to the success of your business online

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Social Media

Every vertical should be considering social media as a viable channel to reach their target audience.

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Conversion Optimisation

Through Conversion Rate Optimisation you will be able to maximise revenue and lower customer acquisition costs

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Strategy & Insight

Audience Analysis, Marketing Strategy Formulation and Consultation. We provide comprehensive support.

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Full Service Support from Anicca

We offer a range of digital marketing services on a project or ongoing basis; this includes all the Paid, Owned, Earned and Technical (POET) channels. So, whatever your industry or sector - our digital marketing specialists can work in partnership with your in-house team to help you achieve your lead, sales and cost per acquisition targets.

Paid Media Management

Deployment and management of paid ads and sponsored content across various display networks and social media platforms including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

Owned & Earned Media

Maximising opportunities with your website and the digital assets you own, including generating free traffic and positive word of mouth through content marketing, digital PR and SEO marketing.

Technology Support

Support to ensure you have the technology stack you need in place to effectively enrol and track new customers into your business, such as the use of Marketing Automation, CRM Lead nurturing and effective marketing analytics.

Strategy & Consultancy

We take a serious view of strategy, ensuring we have the right data and insights to properly inform us about target audiences and marketplaces. We deliver strategy into every project we do as standard, but can also offer it as stand-alone service to support clients with overall organisational and marketing planning.

Just Some of the Brands we Work With

Pallex - Anicca PR case study

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