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Use of social media for lead generation

If you are not already using social media for lead generation, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to further grow your business.

With the rapid rise of social media, the way your potential customers interact with your business has changed. Whatever market your business is in, it is highly likely that your audience will be active on at least one social media network.

But how can you reach that audience and convert them first into a lead, and then into a customer?

You need an experienced social media team that has a track record of doing just that. Don’t just take our word for it, our results speak for themselves: 650% return on investment, campaigns generating leads at an average cost per lead of just £10.06, increasing traffic by more than 50x to a whitepaper campaign page.

We use social media to generate highly targeted web traffic and affordable, qualified leads for our clients. Simple.

Our approach…

Our process begins with an audit of your existing content, looking specifically for assets that can be further leveraged on social media. We extract quality and insightful content, and break this down to create quality social media content that act as lead magnets.

As well as using existing assets we also have an in-house team that can create new content in collaboration with you. We will undertake thorough research and analysis of your audience to identify not only what type of content will work best, but also which networks to share it on and what format the content should be in for maximum effect – video, white paper, eBook, infographic etc...

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We look closely at the performance of our campaigns, measuring on a regular basis and adapting them in real-time based on elements that are delivering quality leads and traffic, and pruning anything that doesn’t work.

Our in-house Conversion Rate Optimisation team are also involved to carry out A/B testing on our social media output to make sure you are getting as many leads as possible from your investment. We will A/B test all social media activity and continually test and optimise landing pages to increase conversions

Our experienced and dedicated team of social media experts currently manage social media campaigns for a range of different companies and organisations.

We plan and implement social media strategies for B2C and B2B companies, and help businesses like yours align their social media activity with their business goals and objectives.








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