Bespoke Training Courses

Tailored training courses for your digital marketing team

Aside from helping you build and manage your campaigns, our expertly trained staff can also teach your in-house team how to get the job done independently. Custom digital marketing workshops are usually conducted at the clients’ premises reducing cost and time burdens. This way, you can ensure the key members of their team are present, ready to be up-skilled. Alternatively we can host sessions at our training centre in Leicester.

Why Anicca custom training?

We can tailor your training to cover just a single digital marketing discipline or a combination of the areas to suit your requirements. Each session is unique to you, your business and your team’s needs and contains only the latest and most up to date information, techniques and tactics. We offer single day sessions or a group of day sessions if you’d like to cover a broader range of subjects or a specific area in more detail. Take a look at the topics on our PPC, SEO and Social Media training pages to get a better understanding of the subject areas we cover.

Once you’re confident we can offer the training you need get in touch and we’ll be happy to pull together a tailored schedule and give you a clearer idea about what would be achievable in a single day or whether you need two or more days to deliver your chosen itinerary.

What to expect

Sessions will be planned and structured around your specific needs so each session will be different and unique to your specific requirements. Our aim is to deliver each training session as a mix of theory and practical but the level of practical will be affected by your chosen schedule. Tailored training sessions are delivered by senior members of the Anicca Digital team who have a wealth of experience in managing clients digital marketing projects as well as delivering training sessions.

What is required?

For training at your location you will need to provide;

  • A suitable size room to accommodate the size of the group you wish to attend
  • A projector for displaying training materials
  • An internet connection that your staff and our tutors can access
  • Login details for Google Analytics and Google Search Console for your site
  • Login details for your Google Ads account where appropriate
  • Login details for your Social Media platforms where appropriate