What’s New in Google Search – A Presentation to the Second Wednesday Club

I was asked to speak at the Second Wednesday Club in Nottingham this week.  This is a buzzing networking event for creative agencies, web designers, marketing companies, freelancers and in-house marketers.

The orginal club has been around for 14 years, but with the new organiser (Chris AllWood) and some generous new sponsors (that funds a free drink!); they now get over 50 members attending each month. Everyone is there to enjoy the drinks and the great company of other geeks,  in the lovely surroundings of the Antenna venue. So I am sure they were all very disappointed when I came along and interrupted their drinks, lol!

Anyway, I managed to distract them for 40 minutes with an update of all the amazing changes that are happening in Google SEO and AdWords.

You can read and download the presentation below:

How do we keep up to date?

One of the interesting (but frightening) things about this presentation is that half the slides refer to  announcements have been in June and I did not include the controversy over PRISM or the inclusion of the announcement from Google’s Matt Cutts on  how your mobile performance can affecting your SEO rankings!

With active Twitter commentary during the event and at the end of the presentation – I was asked how do I keep up to date? The answer is every evening I read Feedly and Flipboard on my mobile. These great apps bring in all the news from the official news channels like the BBC, to industry blogs like Search Engine Land and PPC Hero. Feedly has recently increased in popularity after Google Reader was put on the scrap heap and is much easier to use than the more well known Google product.

I have been shocked how many relevant posts there are each day and the evening is a good time to catch up as a lot of the most important content for our industry comes out of the states.

If you have not got time to scan it yourself I am actively sharing the important content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

I would just like to say that the credit for this amazing research technique should not be given to me.  One of our team Luke Glassford, who has recently been promoted to Head of SEO, has been using these techniques for a couple of years now, so you should follow his posts as well!


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