Founder & CEO

Ann Stanley’s diverse career spans science, medical research and manufacturing, leading to her first role in digital marketing back in 2002.

Ann is the CEO of Anicca Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency in Leicester. She founded Anicca 17 years ago (in 2007), and ever since they have been providing data-driven ecommerce and digital marketing for established brands.

In addition to her responsibilities as a director, Ann’s primary role is providing marketing consultancy, particularly in paid media, search, and ecommerce marketing, leveraging tools such as GA4 and Generative AI.

Ann is also actively involved in training marketers through the Anicca Academy, having trained nearly 700 learners since January 2022. She is also an author, having published two books, “Integrate” and the “A10 Marketing Framework,” which offer comprehensive insights into developing marketing strategies. Ann shares her expertise widely, presenting at conferences like the CIM and InOrbit.

On a personal front, Ann has a husband, a daughter, and two delightful grandchildren, alongside the company of a very demanding Maine Coon cat. In her leisure time, she occasionally attends rock gigs and where possible escapes to Cornwall.