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Helping To Amplify Your Message

When you are looking to gain maximum exposure for your message, or are looking to amplify your brand, thought leadership can help you cut through the clutter and get noticed.


PR is all about reputation and the team at Anicca use a range of tools to help maintain – and manage this. As part of your communications strategy, we often encourage businesses, and importantly business leaders, to get their expert option heard.

Thought leadership is an effective way of getting more traffic to your site, to build authority to add to your credibility as a business, and we are here to help you maximise your chance of getting heard.


One of the ways we do this is through LinkedIn. Not only is it a channel used by our team for thought leadership, it is a conduit to helping you cut through the noice and get your opinion to your target audience and wider business network.

Delivering Expert
Opinions & Insights

At Anicca Digital we have the time, skills and tenacity to get your business recognised as a thought leader. We will help you hone and build your idea through publishing articles to gain your audience opinions, and help create a social media following so that your business can be seen as an expert in the industry.
Our thought leadership strategies enable you to share valuable content with your target audience, to attract new business and build your business reputation. If you can add value your brand or business will be seen as delivering useful insights which can prompt purchasing consideration around your products or services.

Social Proof

LinkedIn is just one of the social channels that helps support thought leadership. Depending on your objectives, social media provides a number of channels to help support your credibility and boost trust, ultimately driving engagement.

Content Creation

We help you draw inspiration from multiple sources that will clarify what it is you want your brand to be known for. We use SEO techniques to identify keywords and phrases to cut through the noise, before building a strategy to support content outreach.

Your Message

We use keyword analysis and monitor online activities to better understand your competitors so we can manage your message and reach your targeted audience.

Increase Authority

Defining your specific area of expertise can help build your brand, establish credibility in your industry, and raise your business’s profile to ensure you are an authoratative voice in the industry.
Our team work to an always-on approach to maximise your thought leadership opportunities. In addition to working to a well-researched content plan which ensures a regular touch point across your chosen channels, we have the ability to react to opportunities that are relevant for your business.
We also provide training and ongoing support to ensure your business leader feels media-confident and keeps communication on message. In addition, our regular webinars and blogs, created by our expert team, allow you to keep on top of the latest digital updates and content marketing changes.

Why Anicca?

Why choose Anicca to drive your thought leadership positioning?


We have an integrated agency approach, meaning that our sector teams work closely together to deliver the best result for our clients, using a range of solutions.

So whether you are seeking PPC, paid social or need to update your website with the latest SEO, we can help. Using insights and analytics, we are able to identify opportunities and advise you on what changes you can make to stay ahead of the competition.

Our PR Results

“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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