Content Audits & Strategies

Content Audits and Strategy

Using audits and data to craft successful content marketing strategies

A content audit means you’ll be able to understand how customers and search engines see your website, as well as identify what content you already have, and where you could be reaching more of your target market. By undertaking careful content analysis, combined with subsequent research and planning, you’ll be in the best position possible to help your business reach its full potential.

New, engaging and informative content is vital to the success of any online business. However significant amounts of time and money can be dedicated to content which, without a careful audit and strategy, might end up having little or no impact on your actual business goals.

To ensure your digital assets are working towards achieving your goals, we have created a data-driven content audit that will thoroughly analyse your digital presence. We’ll also help to create a strategy and audience analysis that will build on and improve what you already have, attract and convert new visitors, social media shares and gain new links to your website.

Our approach to content audits

Using our data-driven approach, as well as the keen eyes and know-how of our experienced team, we’ll conduct a thorough audit to gauge the level of success of what you already have on your website.

During an audit, we will usually look for content that has low view rates but strong conversion rates, or low conversion rates but high volumes of traffic. This will work as a starting point to help us build or improve on these content pieces or focus them onto a more targeted subject.

As well as looking at traffic to your site and conversions, we’ll evaluate your content based on the quality and quantity of links from other websites, helping us identify areas for improvement both in attracting new links and improving the internal structure of your website, which will help greatly in your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Our content audit process:

As part of our content marketing audit, we will:

  • Extensively analyse your existing content marketing assets
  • Measure, assess and calculate the impact of your current content marketing against your key business goals
  • Compare metrics of your link earning, social media growth and audience engagement
  • Identify competitor content and analyse links to identify gaps in your content marketing and any opportunities currently not being taken advantage of
  • Produce a detailed report on the performance of your content marketing assets against current business and content marketing objectives
  • Outline key recommendations for your content marketing, based on this analysis, to help in developing a strategy for your business

Our approach to content strategies

Using the information gained from auditing your existing content marketing efforts, combined with extensive keyword research, backlink analysis and competitor research, we can build a comprehensive content marketing strategy tailored to exceed your business objectives.

Developing your content strategy will include:

  • Content gap analysis – making sure the content management strategy supports each section of the conversion funnel – attracting, informing, persuading and converting customers and clients
  • A distribution plan for each piece that’s written, balancing the right mixture of earned, paid and owned media channels
  • A list of creative content ideas, themes and topic clusters to focus on, backed up by keyword research and data
  • A suggested workflow so that Anicca Digital can work alongside in-house teams consistently to create an efficient content management strategy

Key features of working with Anicca Digital for your content audit & strategy

Your content strategy framework will be tailored perfectly to your key business goals, plus we have experts in SEO on hand to help boost your rankings, such as planning to capture featured snippets and generally increase your site's visibility.

  • We are experienced at producing a variety of content types and formats to engage your viewers
  • Our content creation strategy considers User Experience (UX) too, helping to improve the way your customers’ use your site
  • Guidelines for formatting content according to search engine best practices provided
  • Our team provides content which can be distributed in a marketing campaign that has a wide impact across multiple channels

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