Content Marketing Campaigns

Content marketing campaigns that reach and resonate with your audience

Marrying data with creativity to create exceptional content for your brand

There has never been as much content produced as there is today, and that is only going to increase as more brands increase their content marketing efforts.

To make sure your business stands out amidst the deluge of low quality content hitting the internet every day, it is paramount that you are following a well-defined content marketing strategy that is based on generating a measurable return on your investment.

Every business is different, so each of our content marketing campaigns are developed in line with your specific marketing aims and industry in mind and to reflect the individual needs of your business.

Our approach to content campaigns

Here at Anicca we use data, research and creative brainstorm sessions to drive our content marketing campaigns. We highlight areas of interest as determined by the wider public, the interests of your existing audience, and your competitors and advise on how best to increase your share of voice.

We adopt a campaign focused approach enabling us to concentrate on key topics, retail periods or marketing dates, to create new, useful, informative and engaging content for our clients.

The campaign approach enables us to develop multiple content pieces around a single subject area at a time. These are then amplified through proactive distribution and other marketing channels, such as paid content distribution or social media to help raise brand awareness and attract new visitors that may have otherwise been lost to a competitor.

We work on a fully consultative basis, working closely with you and your team to plan and implement campaigns that really hit the brief.

Our data-fuelled creative process includes:

Keyword research and analysis – using a range of tools, we will see where to focus and how we can ‘win’ a presence on search engines through keyword research

Competitor research – finding gaps and opportunities presented by the activity of your competitors

Creative brainstorms – gathering our content, SEO and social teams for regular creative ideation sessions to help support your strategy. Not sure if an idea will work? We can use data to make an informed guess on performance

Experimenting with new or different formats for your content – from interactive content to quizzes to data visualisation, content isn’t just about blog posts anymore

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