Content Audits & Strategies

Content audits and strategies – using data to plan successful content

The creation and promotion of new, useful, dynamic content is vital to the success of any online business.

However, significant amounts of time and money are dedicated to content marketing campaigns that have little or no impact on the core aims of the business, namely: driving targeted traffic and conversions.

Content can come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used to fulfil several different purposes – attracting new visitors to the sales funnel, converting visitors into customers, attracting inbound links and social media shares.

In order to get a good idea about how well your content is working for you, and how to build on it and improve, we have designed a full-scale content audit process.

Our approach to content audits

The aim of our content audits is to assess your content marketing efforts and to gauge the level of success – particularly what return you are getting from your investment into content.

During a content audit, we will generally look for content that has low view rates but strong conversion rates or low conversion rates and high volumes of traffic, and look to either build and improve upon these content pieces or merge them into something more targeted.

As well as focusing on traffic and conversions, we will also evaluate your content based on the quality and quantity of links it is attracting, and identify areas for improvement both in attracting new links and improving the internal link structure of your website.

Content audit process

As part of our content marketing audit, the following elements will be carried out:

Extensive analysis of existing content marketing assets identified across the siteMeasure, assesses and calculate the impact the current content marketing has against key business goals and measures such as link earning, social media growth and audience engagementCompetitor content and link analysis to identify content marketing gaps and opportunities currently not being taken advantage ofProduce a detailed report on performance of content marketing assets against current business and content marketing objectives (to be supplied by the client)Outline key recommendations for content marketing based on this analysis to help inform your content marketing strategy

Creating content strategies

Using information gained from auditing your existing content combined with extensive keyword research, backlink analysis and competitor research, we can then build a solid content strategy.

Our content strategies include:

Content Gap Analysis – making sure the strategy supports each section of the conversion funnel – attracting, informing, persuading and converting customers and clientsA distribution plan for each piece of your content, balancing the right mixture of earned, paid and owned distributionA list of creative themes and topic clusters to focus content on, backed by keyword researchA suggested workflow so Anicca Digital can work alongside in-house teams consistently to create a flow of content

A detailed editorial calendar, taking into account:

A variety of formats for your contentSEO elements such as capturing featured snippets and formatting content according to search engine best practicesCreating content which can be ‘shattered’ to create a campaign that has a wide impact across multiple channels


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