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What are content Pillars and how can they help

In today’s marketing landscape of multiple platforms and differing audiences, producing content that meets everyone’s expectations while delivering a consistent message is tough. 


For example, the content you put out on LinkedIn will be different from that on Instagram, as the audience is different and has varying needs and expectations. 

However, you may be pushing the same products, services or messages, so how do you get your content consistent and yet appropriately targeted? 


Structuring your content through themes or pillars can really help. Talk to Anicca today about our services to create content pillars for your marketing campaign. 

Creating effective content pillars

Creating effective content pillars means identifying key themes and messages that need to be delivered to different audiences by a range of platforms. 


For example, you may need to deliver influencer content that speaks to a youth audience as a direct consumer, whereas you need to deliver recruitment messages to a professional audience via Linkedin.  


In this case your assets, imagery and tone of voice would be different for the two audiences and platforms.  

However, the content still needs to reflect the same brand, company values and ethos. 


By mapping your audiences and platforms against messages, we can help streamline and simplify your content journey. 


Additionally, we can support you to identify audiences and their requirements and outline their priorities against your commercial and marketing objectives.  


See below for how this will work on a practical level: 

Audience profiling

We will work with you to identify your target audiences, using paid-for tools such as Experian MOSAIC if necessary. 

Commercial objectives

What information does your business need to communicate and to whom? Are there commonalities, such as seasonality, products/ services or an underlying ethos? 

Media profiling

We will then match each target audience to a range of digital and traditional media to determine how they access information 


We will then pull together the content pillars into a document for approval and distribution internally and through your agencies. 

Why Anicca?

As a digital marketing agency with over 15 years of experience, we can add our knowledge to your own. 


We know the relevant suppliers to produce detailed audience information for you and how this data can be packaged in a meaningful way. 

Our campaigns regularly win national awards – see our awards page for more information.


Get in touch today to hear more about our services to create content pillars for your marketing campaigns. 

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