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What is a PR audit?

A thorough and systematic PR audit by one of our in-house PR consultants provides a detailed analysis and appraisal of your company’s PR activity.


The evaluation within the audit provides the foundation for a strategy to enhance existing activity and capitalise on areas of unexplored opportunities and potential improvements.

Anicca’s experienced team employs a suite of software tools along with many years of experience to compile our PR audits, presenting our findings and recommendations in a clear and consultative fashion.


And we work with clients to implement plans and strategies arising from our audits, ensuring a smooth transition from audit to action.

Our PR auditing services

In order to be as effective as possible, your PR activity needs to be consistent, regular, proactive and strategic. But as time goes by any one of these criteria can easily slip which is why this kind of work is often undertaken by a PR consultancy.

As one of Leicester’s premier PR agencies, we write stories of interest to the media and to your consumers as well as advise on plans and strategies to make that content as effective as possible and keep an edge over your competitors.

Understanding your objectives

Before commencing an audit, our PR consultants discuss your business objectives, challenges and plans to set a benchmark against which current activity can be assessed.

Areas covered by your PR audit

The PR audit covers areas such as the aims of your PR activity, what’s currently being done, how that activity is undertaken and where improvements could be made.

Fresh ideas and new approaches

You might be happy with your current PR coverage but looking for fresh ideas or a new approach. We’ll take the time to guide you in new directions if needed.

Building a working relationship

An audit can work as a stand-alone piece but is most effective when it forms the foundation of an expanding working relationship, built on profitable success.

In the past, PR work has often been seen as a wishy-washy add-on to business activity, but in the digital age, that is no longer the case. In line with all our other marketing activity, our PR consultants conduct audits that are evidence-based, our proposals are thorough, and our strategies are personalised.

Furthermore, all work presented by our PR consultancy is presented with a positive tone and outlook. Rather than laying bare faults, we note them and their possible consequences, but we also present remedies, solutions and improvements that both remove the problem and build a firmer foundation for future activity.

Why Anicca?

Just like our PR audits, Anicca Digital’s results are clear and structured. With several years’ experience in the field of both traditional and digital PR, we have worked with a wide range of clients to transform their PR campaigns activity for the digital age while keeping an eye on fundamental PR content creation and distribution.

We work closely with clients to implement the plans borne of our audits, agreeing on priorities and allocating tasks accordingly. We use project management software to manage and monitor progress and to ensure that all team members work to agreed deadlines and outputs. In short, proper campaign management right from the outset.

Our PR Results

“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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