Google rolls out its revamped search engine homepage

Search engine giant Google has started to roll out its revamped homepage to a limited number of users.

A New Year and a new look for Google as they make the black bar across the top of the page redundant and replace it with a grey bar containing the Google logo.

When you click on this logo a drop-down menu appears revealing 7 alternative options to the search function including maps and news plus a more tab which offers users a further 8 choices.

Google introduced the black bar last year when they initially announced the revamp but the black bar has now been removed as part of this new roll out.

A spokesman for Google has said they are constantly revising and improving their design to improve the user experience.

“If you compare the original Google home page to today’s version, you will see that a makeover every so often can certainly be refreshing.”

The main Google logo known as the ‘Google doodle’ in the centre of the homepage has also been reduced for a cleaner look.

Users will start to see the new look rolled out over the coming month. Have you noticed the revamp yet? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


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