Managing Product Feeds with ChannelAdvisor and Anicca Digital: Invitation to our Technology Showcase in Leicester on 5th July 2011

You are invited to our second Technology Showcase on 5th July 2011 at Anicca Digital in Leicester. The showcase is for new or existing clients who are interested in increasing their ecommerce sales and traffic by maximising the effectiveness of their product feeds.

Unfortunately, the number of places is strictly limited, so please apply early and preference will be given to companies with sufficient budget to take advantage of these new technologies. Information on how to sign up is at the bottom of this post.

Managing Product Feeds: What is it and why do I need to know?

Managing your product feeds effectively means that your products have a vastly increased visibility online. Getting your products onto more websites means an increase in traffic and, hopefully, an increase in sales. In fact, correctly managing product feeds should be a priority for any ecommerce business. Let us explain some of the reasons why:

  • Changes in Google Merchant Centre now mean that your products can appear in both the free results and also in the product extensions in AdWords.
  • Further changes have already been implemented in the USA, which allow different results to be displayed in the free and paid results.  In addition, a new product listing feature has already been launched.
  • Other shopping platforms such as Amazon and ebay can also be used to display your products
  • As can shopping comparison sites like Kelkoo and Shopzilla

This means that you have to ensure that your product feed has the extra attributes required for these features, as well as delivery information and a unique identifier. Getting your feed right should now be one of your top priorities as this can help generate a massive boost in free traffic to your site.

Once your Google Merchant Centre is sorted out, other sites such as shopping platforms and shopping comparison sites might be useful. Typically, adding these additional platforms and comparison sites could add a minimum of 50% extra traffic volume and sales to your sites!

What is ChannelAdvisor and How can it help?

Because many different platforms, comparison sites and features require different feed attributes, it can be a long and time-consuming task managing your feeds for each one. This can, ultimately make it prohibitively expensive to use your product feeds to their full potential. This is where the ChannelAdvisor platform comes in. The ChannelAdvisor platform makes the process far simpler by managing all these tasks for you and automating the process. This is a great option for many businesses as it reduces your workload, letting you concentrate your time on other parts of your business, and prevents you from making those inevitable learning-curve mistakes.

For ecommerce businesses looking to increase their ecommerce sales and traffic with product feeds, this Technology Showcase will go through the issues involved and discuss how ChannelAdvisor can help.


1.00 Join us for a buffet and meet the team
1.30 Introduction to product listing results in Google Merchant Centre and AdWords Ann Stanley MD Anicca
2.00 Using Channel Advisor to manage your product feeds 

  • Creating the product feed
  • The different platforms and opportunities of more traffic
  • Using the Channel Advisor platform – demo
Guest Speaker  Christian Raben 

Channel Advisor

Is this showcase for you?

This presentation is for existing and new clients who already (or intend) to invest more than £500 per month in paid advertising.  Your ecommerce website is likely to receive a minimum of 10k visits per month and you will already be using a range of online marketing techniques include paid search, email and SEO. You should want to increase your spend to drive more traffic by using Google product extensions and other commission-based shopping platforms and comparison sites (PPC).

*Note: Clients wishing to invest product feed technology should have at least an additional £1k per month for an ongoing project (which will include a mix of ad spend and technology/management fees)

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Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend or call 0116 298 6460.

If you are unable to attend the showcase or you would like us to provide you a proposal for this service, then please contact us and we can arrange a 1-2-1 meeting with our team.


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