Top 3 Takeaways from Digital Elite Day 2019

Last Thursday, members of our agency ‘tech team’ headed down to London for the Digital Elite Day Conference. The Digital Elite Day is an advanced learning conference with two tracks, one for Analytics and CRO experts and one for Search, – if you haven’t been before it’s well worth attending!  I spent the day in the search track. Speakers on the day included Aleyda Solis, Barry Adams, Kevin Gibbons, Izzi Smith, Nils Kattau, Francois Goube and many more!

There was more than enough information to take in during the day, so below I have listed a few of my top takeaways from the day.

Aleyda Soyis

  1. PWA’s are the future

One of the most interesting talks of the day for me was by Aleyda Solis – PWA’s SEO: Optimising For The Future Of The Web. Having not really paid much attention to the world of apps over the last year or two, her reasonings behind implementing a PWA was very eye-opening for me. PWA’s definitely look like the future of the web, especially for mobiles. PWA’s are now supported by all major browsers and can also run on desktop. They give you quicker load speed, much better usability and also allows users to add your website to their phone home screen like they would for an app.

You can see the slides from Aleyda’s talk here: https://www.slideshare.net/aleydasolis/pwa-seo-optimizing-for-the-future-of-the-web

Stacey MacNaught

  1. Facebook is a great place for link building

Another interesting talk from the day was from Stacey MacNaught which touched on ‘Futureproof-ish Link Building’. One of the key takeaways from this session was about a strategy she had used to gain links. This strategy included creating a really helpful piece of content and publishing it to Facebook. Not so mind-blowing, but then she spoke about how journalists will sit on social media waiting for something that looks like it is about to go viral (so something with a couple thousand shares). To help make her content viral, she simply boosted the post on Facebook with just a £5 budget, the end result was a ‘viral’ content piece which in turn attracted numerous links from journalists.

  1. Merging CRO + SEO + UX

Izzi Smith & Nils Kattau presented a great talk on merging CRO, SEO and UX to create beautiful onsite experiences for your users. Their talk went through numerous ways you can merge tactics to maximise your traffic and ultimately, conversions. Advice included utilising easy to source content (USP’s and services, solving FAQ’s, user generated content, product specifications and more). They also explained about what data Google can easily measure and use on a large scale to factor ranking positions, including time on site, back-to-SERP bounces, other result clicks and query refinements. Also, check out their t-shirts!

As you can imagine, there was plenty of actionable insights from the day, so overall it was a great day out and we’ve got many new ideas to to bring back to Anicca and implement on our SEO campaigns. If you are looking for a new agency to manage your SEO, PPC, Social Media or Site Launch then do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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