Using our Weekly Optimisation AdWords Checklist to Improve Performance

Ann Stanley carried out a practical workshop with over 60 international delegates at SEM Days in Bucharest on the 25th September.  Ann showed the delegates how to use our own weekly optimisation checklist to improve the performance of your AdWords account.

You can download the pdf version of the presentation here or view it on SlideShare.

Workshop Includes:

  • Introduction to Quality Score
  • Overview of Optimisation processes
  • Objectives or Goals
  • Improving keyphrase and ad relevance
  • Improving click through rates (CTR)
  • Improving your landing pages
  • Optimisation to improve conversion rates
  • Weekly optimisation checklist

How Anicca can help you?

Anicca can provide PPC training via our AdWords boot camps or we can manage your AdWords accounts on your behalf.

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