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Anicca Digital have years of experience implementing international SEO and multi-lingual strategies.

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An international SEO agency focused on increasing your global reach

If your business currently sells products or services abroad or if you are thinking of expanding, organic search, visibility will be crucial to your success. 


With a long history of delivering international SEO campaigns, Anicca are adept at improving a brand’s international search visibility and ensuring the right language and country-specific pages are served to the correct audience.

International SEO can seem like a complex undertaking, with multiple language versions of your content needed, serving different countries from either one website or multiple top-level domains. 


However, we can break this process down starting with your business goals and build an international SEO strategy that maintains your SEO value while optimising pages for an international audience. 

Our international SEO services

After an initial consultation to determine your target countries, business goals and resources available, we will create a project plan to cover a full international SEO set-up with an ongoing SEO strategy mapped to a timeline.
We can work alongside your international stakeholders towards your global marketing strategy, or help you devise this strategy and project-manage your campaign along with all of your stakeholders, effectively becoming part of your in-house team.

International SEO audit and strategy

This includes an international audience analysis, technical, on-page and off-page SEO audit with geo-targeting and website/domain structure in mind.

Multilingual keyword research

Keeping all target countries, languages and cultures in mind, we localise all research ensuring keywords are unique per region and local search engines.

Geo-targeting and optimisation

We will oversee content localisation (or ‘trans-creation’) to ensure it serves the local culture and not just the language, as well as geo-target your website or local domains.

Implement, manage and report

We can manage your global SEO strategy or support a portion of it, such as content marketing and link building, and reporting on each region’s performance.

There are so many different and complicated choices associated with international SEO. However, our international SEO team are experienced in managing small and large scale projects, and we will go through all the options with you carefully and apply them based on the specific needs of your business.

Our international SEO team have worked with a range of different businesses from e-commerce to lead-generation, small and large, to improve their search visibility in a host of different countries. To find out how we can work with your business do not hesitate to get in touch with one of the team today.

International SEO consultants with experience

Our team have managed small and large projects with multiple stakeholders across various countries. 


We are familiar with international SEO and the various technological and cultural requirements of each region; therefore, our team are able to advise, manage and grow campaigns while keeping you informed every step of the way.

We are also experienced in up-skilling international teams, effectively setting-up marketing teams who we can then cascade tasks to from your global SEO strategy. As they take on more work, this allows you to use budgets on more strategic tasks with us.


Get in contact with our international SEO teams today to get started.

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