Anicca Welcomes New Starter – Kishan!

Name: Kishan Umrania
Role: Social Media Executive
Hobbies: Food, Football, Travel

Hi to all of Anicca’s blog subscribers and followers! I’d like to introduce you to myself, Kishan Umrania, as I join Anicca in the role of Social Media Executive.

I have joined at a time where I wanted to further develop myself as a social media marketer and continue to strive for the advancements in user behaviour and attitudes towards advertising. On joining Anicca, one thing I have seen is how important data is to this agency, whereby everyone is collectively working together to use data to drive and achieve the results for the clients we have.

I have been working within the social media industry for the last five years, with experience in agency and in-house marketing teams where I have been able to develop key strategies and develop an understanding of the importance social media plays within digital marketing. By working within the industries of ecommerce, retail and HR services, I have been able to build brands organically as well as implementing paid social campaigns where results showed a better return on investment in comparison to traditional media (magazines).


What spurred me to pursue a career in social media? Having grown up using social media and studying Media Studies at university, I was intrigued to see how the likes of Facebook and Twitter connected people around the world and especially seeing how brands would be able to do the same. Since graduating, I spent evenings studying for a diploma in Social Media and Online Reputation Management and reading a lot of blog posts in the developments and introductions of new social media channels. I would say I’m self-taught when it comes to social media and it’s now about being hands-on with my own learning. Most of my social media learning and updates come through Twitter and LinkedIn, by following social media experts and groups particularly Social Media Examiner.

So I haven’t mentioned much about what I do outside of social. For my love of food, I have a food blog (IEatMyWages) on Instagram where I am regularly posting where I go to eat along with friends and family. If I am not eating, then you’d see me shouting at the TV whenever Manchester United are playing (I know, it’s a painful to watch post-Ferguson era but Ole has turned it around). When there’s no live sports on TV, I’m catching up on series on Netflix such as Narcos, Power and any docuseries. It’s the thrills of living on the edge and seeing how it all ends!


When I don’t have a screen in front of me, I am travelling around the world seeing different cultures and people. I love taking snaps of what I do and where I go, so I’ll try to put my perspective on my whereabouts for everyone to see. I’ve recently started to video my travels and am learning how to edit videos through mobile apps even though it is time consuming, this is where I feel I can be a bit more creative than using Photoshop. There is so much to explore and I challenge myself to tick off the things on my bucket list. Taking each day as it comes, I step outside of my comfort zone and go out into the unknown.

To wrap things up, I am excited to be a part of Anicca, where people and data work together to understand the digital landscape. Most importantly I cannot wait to learn more about the clients and forming a relationship where we can learn together.


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