Ann Stanley Speaks at Ecommerce Expo 2012

Speaking at one of the world’s biggest ecommerce shows in the world, Ann Stanley and the Anicca team are down in London today (Tuesday 2nd October) and tomorrow. The show hosts over 50 exhibitors and well over 6,000 attendees.

Ann’s showing off her ecommerce and conversion optimisation knowledge in her presentation, focussing on integrated ecommerce solutions for online retailers and businesses. The presentation outlines the importance of search traffic for an ecommerce website and different ways to encourage conversions using both organic and paid methods.

The presentation takes you through the whole ecommerce process, from your traffic sources all the way to ecommerce goals and completion, how to track and optimise traffic at the source, and how to continue getting the upmost from your traffic once it’s converted.

Ann also looks at how Google’s recent updates such as Panda and Penguin have had an effect on search, as well as social media’s effect on the success of an ecommerce site.

It’s an unmissable presentation at the forefront of ecommerce marketing with skilful and fresh insight from inside the industry and if you’re looking into starting ecommerce outlets, have had or already have one, it’s a must-see presentation. Ann Stanley's ecommerce presentation

Ann’s presentation will take place at 4-4:30pm, in the ecommerce and mCommerce theatre- drop in and check out her presentation and have a chat if you’re about!

If you can’t make the presentation this afternoon, here’s a sneak-peak to get you started:


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