Changes to Google Shopping Feed

Google-ShoppingGoogle has recently announced changes to its product feed specification which is important for anyone who uses Product Listing Ads and Google Shopping.

Multi items /packs – there is a new ‘multipack' attribute for packages that include identical products sold as a multipack or bundle.  Merchants must define the number of items being sold as a multipack within their feed and submit each multipack as a single item.

Images – Google recommends high res images up to 4MB file size and at least 800 pixels in height and width

Items without unique product identifiers e.g. (EAN numbers) – In categories where unique product identifiers are required, merchants must submit the ‘identifier exists' attribute with a value of FALSE when the item does not have unique product identifiers appropriate to its category, such as GTIN, MPN, and brand.

Changes to description and color attributes – Google advises you should now include details about items’ most visual attributes, such as shape, pattern, material, and design, since they may use this text for finding your item. For apparel & accessories items these attributes are required to be individually specified within your product feed.

Dedicated support for energy efficiency labels and unit pricing – For merchants targeting countries in the European Union and Switzerland there are now additional attributes for energy efficiency labels and unit pricing – important for items that require this information by law.

For more information about Google product feed attributes visit Google’s pages here http://support.google.com/merchants/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=188494#US

Since February 2013 Google Shopping is no longer offered as a free service and requires all merchants to have an AdWords account and paid to be listed. For more information about Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads please feel free to get in touch here.


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