CV Writing Tips For A Digital Marketing Job

As you may have noticed, we currently have a new job open here at Anicca for an SEO and Social Account Manager. As we are regularly on the look out for talented new staff, I asked CV expert Erik Bowitz to give us his tips on selling yourself and standing out when applying for an online marketing job:

Internet marketing or online marketing refers to the promotion and marketing of products and services online. So, simply put, an internet marketer is basically a marketer who uses the internet as the main platform for promoting his/her products. Your resume, as an internet marketer, is therefore the most vital marketing tool that you have in your arsenal. To best understand how to build your resume, first ask yourself the following questions:

Who Are You & What Do You Want?

Start your resume by informing the employer who you are. This is done by simply stating your personal information, including your name, address and contact information. Be sure to have a current email address to facilitate communication with the potential employer, as emails are the mode of communication for such a position. Move on to state your career objective where you mention what job you are after and what you are seeking from it. Phrase it in such a way that your aspirations are in line with what the employer needs in terms of the job requirements.

So, What Have You Done?

Next write a brief summary of your qualifications and skills and qualities that make stand out from the crowd of job hopefuls. Appealing qualities or soft skills should include excellent communication skills or ability to charm people, as these are useful in a marketing profession. Examples of ‘hard' skills or technical qualifications include: proficiency in web design, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimisation, landing page optimisation and others.

What Do You Know?

Give the details of your educational background quoting the institutions as well as the certifications earned from each of them. You should mention other proficiencies that you may have acquired during your time at school, which should aim to paint you as whole rounded. List any seminars or lectures you have attended as well and these should be relevant to internet marketing.

What Have You Been Doing With Your Life?

Give a detailed narrative of your work history including previous employers as well as the dates when you were in the firm's employment. Mention all the responsibilities you had as well as any quantifiable achievements that you might have made therein. This will act as a sizzle point that will create a spark of interest in you within the hiring manager since they are in search of employees who will add value to their firm. Responsibilities held should paint you as one who is innovative, proactive and can work with minimum supervision and should be stated in a quantifiable manner example, a gain of revenue or market share due to an internet campaign you steered.

Why Are You Special?

Having exhausted these segments, proceed to list any other significant achievements that you have made and those you have been recognised for. These could be internet marketing programs that you developed or a school project that you did while studying that got considerable attention and showcased your creativity, or any other skill relevant to marketing or to the IT sector. These are not necessarily job-linked but serve as your online portfolio, an extra serving so to speak.

As expected, if the job listing asks for them, complete your resume by giving a list of your referees who should be preferably your most previous employers and persons who know you well. They should be able to defend you and sell you without hesitation. It is thus advisable to get take some time in choosing references. Do not list “available upon request” as this is simply assumed.

If you can answer the above questions clearly, concisely and support them with some numerical data you will have yourself a very competitive resume and drastically increase your odds of landing your next job. Build a resume with confidence and everything else will fall into place, the interview, the job and hopefully a long lasting career.

Think your CV now suitably shows off your abilities and experience, well take a look at our current vacancies to see whether Anicca Digital has the right opportunity for you.


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