The pitfalls of managing Pay Per Click (PPC) in-house

When looking at whether to manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) in-house or employ a third party there are some fundamental questions you should be asking.
Below, Anicca’s PPC account manager, Darren Wynn, has summarised some of the key questions to help you decide on what is best for your organization.

Job Spec
Many companies that come to us for help with their PPC have previously managed it in house or had employed another agency that was not good enough. For those that tried to manage it in house, the reason for failure was often because they attempted to add this job spec to an employee’s duties, or as a business owner, their own duties.

We often find this does not work as this person may either not have the time to manage this or have the knowledge to manage it effectively. PPC can seem easy at first, but often without the knowledge of how to get the most from campaigns the costs spiral. This leads to my next point.

Comfort Zone
Many people I speak to began running their own campaigns because they understand PPC as a concept. However the day to day optimization and detail can often be another issue and often the time scales involved can mean these details are missed.

I recently read a review that likened PPC to poker – we all know the rules, but how would you do against a professional player?

Employment of an in house manager
In house managers are often a good idea for medium to large companies that have the HR and resources in place to manage them. This option allows for the ability to manage an individual closely and easily communicate business objectives.

For smaller companies that do not have the time or resources to manage this individual, outsourcing is a far better option.

Level of reliance
For some of our clients, PPC is a small part of a larger marketing operation. For others, it is a large part of their revenue stream. It is important that companies understand their desired outcomes and how important PPC is to the business.

With over 20 years PPC experience, Anicca Digital currently has 6 Google Ad Words qualified individuals, managing accounts from SMES to larger clients. When looking for an agency to manage PPC, always look for the certified partner logo to make sure you receive the most professional service.

By allowing Anicca Digital to manage your campaigns, you will be allowing an experienced team to constantly manage and optimize your account.

The majority of the time, the first thing a PPC agency will want to do is create a new account (unless the previous account has performed well). Some agencies will hold this new account as their own property and, in the event that the client wishes to terminate the contract, the agency may keep the new account meaning you lose the work you have paid for.

Anicca Digital allows our clients to keep their account; campaigns and keyword research, in the unlikely event that you would like to leave, or decide to manage it yourself.

Many PPC agencies will use jargon and big promises on results to secure contracts. In addition to this, some agencies may do very little with no oversight or micromanagement. When choosing an agency it is important that they speak your language and explain processes in a way that is easy to understand.

Our free audit gives you details on your account in a way that allows you to make a qualified decision on whether to manage the account yourself or allow us to manage it for you.

Tailored Monthly Reporting
Many of our clients are focused on positive ROI and uplift in sales from their PPC accounts. We can offer tailored, monthly reports with focus only on the information you need to know giving a quick snapshot of your ROI. Alternatively you may want more in depth reports with a complete breakdown of how well the account is doing.

Anicca Digital offers free account audits of your current PPC activity, to see what potential benefits could be achieved by using us or if you are looking to set up a brand new PPC account for your business contact us today.

By Darren Wynn


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