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We use Data Studio dashboards & paid media reporting to understand your current account performance & future growth opportunities.

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Understanding campaign performance

Paid media campaigns managed without effective reporting can often result in wasted budgets and poor business investment. If you don’t know your results, how can you pivot to meet business objectives or scale up to grow?


PPC and paid media reporting is one of the most important aspects of paid media campaigns. Without paid social and PPC reporting tools you can undo all the hard work in getting your campaigns set up and the budget invested to run them.

At Anicca we put huge value on reporting and PPC attribution, and we ensure it is in place before campaigns even launch and continue to work on this data post launch.


Campaign reporting on paid media such as PPC helps you to relay performance and showcase results to other stakeholders. Whether your campaign objectives are brand awareness, website traffic, conversions or retention, reporting can help you to understand what actions users are taking and how these relate back to your PPC attribution and KPIs.

Paid media reporting services

At Anicca we offer paid media reporting on numerous levels depending on your business needs. Our dashboards and PPC reports can be used as a business report which takes a snapshot of your website performance and paid media channels.


We use Google Data Studio, as this free reporting tool allows us to import data from multiple ad platforms and visualise the data in a range of graphs and tables.

In developing these umbrella reports we give you the full picture of your paid media activity from paid search to paid social, as well as providing you with insight by drilling down into the specifics of each of the channels to help you identify growth opportunities.


In many cases, we use tools like Supermetrics to directly import your paid social & 3rd party data into your data studio reports.

Small business data dashboards (SMB)

These paid media reports can help you to understand overall performance, best-performing channels and platforms and where you can invest more ad spend to grow your business.

Monthly reporting

Understand on a monthly basis how your campaigns are performing from a top level right the way down to individual targeting elements. These PPC reports look at a single channel view.

Bespoke reporting

We offer bespoke paid media report creation that can be tailored to your business reporting needs. We can pull and merge data from multiple data sources to help you fully visualise the information you need to effectively manage your campaigns and wider marketing and business

Why Anicca?

With Anicca you can be sure that you will have all the data you need to make informed decisions about your campaigns.


Whether you are running Google Ads, Facebook Ads or any other paid channel we will help you to visualise the data and turn this data into valuable actions and outcomes to grow your campaigns.

Our years of experience across multiple paid media channels also means we have real-world learnings, that we can draw on to give perspective on specific campaign outcomes.


We pride ourselves on working to the data, which means we are always results driven and your success is our success.

Our Client Case Studies

"“After numerous failures and attempts in finding the perfect digital marketing agency for our niche, we stumbled across Anicca Digital online and oh boy did they back the words out their mouth, very happy with overall project so far."

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