Social Media Updates: July Roundup


Threads – A launch like no other!  

 Threads, the brainchild of Meta, has taken the social media industry by storm, reaching 100 million users in just five days! This quick success is largely due to an existing audience and easy sign-up through your existing Instagram profiles. So far, so good. It’s very much like Twitter back in the day, where people share constant updates of their day-to-day activities. Currently, there is no opportunity for ads, but we’re sure this will be launched by meta asap.  


TikTok are planning to remove the watermark from downloaded videos  

 This is a big thumbs-up from content creators! Currently content creators have to create separate video content to use on other platforms such as Instagram, or they could use a third-party app where they upload the video content, and the watermark is removed. However, both of these existing options aren’t great as remaking content is time consuming and third party apps compromise the quality of the content.  


Twitter is testing a new option that could allow users to leave voice and video calls in DMs. 

 In the pursuit of enriching user interactions, Twitter is in the experimental phase of introducing voice and video calls in direct messages. In theory, this sounds good however we know that a lot of interactions that happen within Twitter are not between close friendship groups or communities and are rather between strangers interested in similar conversational topics. I generally think the usage of these features will be low!  


LinkedIn launched ‘Thought Leader Ads’ 

This feature empowers businesses to promote content from influential people within their organisations. This is a great opportunity for brands to harness the power of their staff, amplifying their voice and expertise, inspiring the community and boosting brand presence.  


YouTube launches AI-Powered Title Tool 

YouTube is dedicated to supporting content creators on its platform, and their latest endeavor involves rolling out an AI-powered tool to assist creators in crafting captivating video titles. This tool will help with content discoverability and encourage audience engagement, enabling creators to better reach potential viewers.  


TikTok’s Experimentation with a Third Tab 

TikTok continues to explore innovative ways to captivate its user base. The platform is currently experimenting with a third tab, investigating features such as ‘nearby’ and ‘shop.’  


LinkedIn’s exploring Monetisation Opportunities 

LinkedIn is venturing into the realm of monetisation by offering creators the option to easily share analytics with businesses. This strategic move aims to foster collaborations between content creators and companies, enabling businesses to leverage audience insights for mutually beneficial partnerships. Currently, monetisation through the platform is extremely limited, especially when compared to other social media platforms such as TikTok which offers a wide range of monetisation opportunities for creators 


The Beloved Emoji of 2023 

Our virtual expressions wouldn’t be complete without emojis! The top emoji of 2023 is the teary-eyed 😭 face. It is the most-used emoji in 2023, helping users to conveying emotions such as extreme laughter to the point of tears.  


Twitter Rebrand as ‘X’ 

And last but not least, drumroll please… Elon Musk has revealed a complete rebrand of Twitter – the social media giant is now officially known as ‘X.’ It’s a bold move that promises a fresh start and big changes to come. During his acquisition of the platform, he expressed desires to create an ‘everything app’ (similar to WeChat’). This is most likely the start…  

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