How to set up branded content ads



Branded content ads are a reasonably new addition to Meta’s advertising offering. This blog will discuss how to set up ads using the feature.

To bring some background. Branded content ads allow you to advertise content in partnership with another page. This can be another business or an individual.

It, therefore, works well for case studies, brand partnerships and influencer activities.

For more information about what exactly brand partnerships on Meat are, read our blog called Unleashing the Potential of Paid Partnerships on Meta: Maximising Brand Benefits, where we talk about the benefits of brand partnerships and what you need to consider before partnering. 


Branded content ads appear on people’s feeds featuring two accounts. Below is an example from one of our clients.

Getting started

The first thing you need to do is to go to https://business.facebook.com/

From there, you hit the drop-down and click the settings cob next to your business. That will take you through to the settings page, where you can select Ad Partnerships from the side menu:


Linking Partnerships

Once you’ve clicked that, you will be able to ‘Add Partnership’ through the button in the top right corner that will bring up the set-up menu. First, you select the page that you would like to partner with. Start typing in the name of the account, and it should appear in the list.

In the second stage, you select your business from the dropdown menu.

You then send the request and wait for the partner to approve.

Setting up the ads

Once that is done, you can create a new ad in the Meta ads manager.

At the top of the ad creator page, toggle the ‘Branded content ad’ and select the two identities you want to use. This can be set up in either order. That means you can either have your business as the first logo in the ad or the second logo. It’s worth testing what is most effective for your market and whether one order works better for specific objectives.

For example: Does using the partner’s logo first perform better for traffic ads than conversion ads?

If you struggle to find the accounts, you can manually search for them below the list of options. To do so, reveal the options drop-down and start typing in the name of the account.


Once done, select the assets you want to promote, just like with a standard ad. Create the primary text, headline, call to action and links – as you would with a regular Meta ad – and publish.

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