SEO Strategy and Planning

We use the results of our audits to build a SEO strategy that maximises rankings & visibility.

Developing an effective SEO strategy and Plan

From the initial business development stage, we will start auditing and building a picture of where you have been, where you are currently and where you need to be in order to achieve your business KPIs. We will build an SEO strategy from this information and plan out what tasks need to be scheduled and implemented. 


We will also use the initial audit data and translate your business KPIs into ones that are relevant for SEO. This allows us to transparently measure success so we can monitor and adjust strategies accordingly, whilst enabling you to clearly gauge our performance and the value SEO can offer your business. 

Developing SEO strategies and KPIs

Our SEO campaigns aren’t a set package, so when you start a project with Anicca we build a unique strategy from the ground up, deciding what we need to focus on to improve your website’s organic visibility.


As part of this, we ensure that we have KPIs in place that give us a goal to strive for. Whether you already have these KPIs in place or need us to assist in the creation of them, rest assured you’re in the right hands. 

Developing SEO strategies & KPIs

We always find a way for our clients to measure our success through SEO KPIs, as transparency is a cornerstone of our ethos. Establishing these KPIs is a simple process which occurs during the development of your SEO strategy and planning. 

Examples of some Strategic SEO KPIs

Whether you want to increase target keyword visibility, increase domain authority, raise the number of qualified organic leads or just get more traffic to your website, Anicca will help set out your KPIs to match your business objectives. 

SEO auditing

As well as establishing KPIs, we will audit your on-page, off-page and technical SEO performance. Using data and forecasting we can determine how much additional traffic is required to meet business KPIs. This allows us to strategise and put together an SEO plan that will get you where you need to be. 

SEO consultancy

We always find a way for our clients to measure our success through SEO KPIs, as transparency is a cornerstone of our ethos. Establishing these KPIs is a simple process which occurs during the development of your SEO strategy. This helps us understand what is needed to achieve success. 

Experts in SEO strategy

As our clients, you are not required to be involved in every step of this process, just the steps that require your business strategy / KPI feedback. We will take care of the rest and leave you with a measurable SEO strategy and set of SEO KPIs to transparently and effectively measure our success. 


Our team are highly skilled: have years of experience, are from agency and in-house backgrounds and have worked on clients from various industries targeting multiple countries. As a result of this experience they can bypass some discovery work by applying proven strategies and KPIs to your campaign. 


Our SEO consultants work alongside our Paid Search, Social MediaContent and PR colleagues, even if your campaign doesn’t span these other channels. 


We also supplement our campaign with high-level strategic SEO from our senior management team. Pooling our resources, we are able to discuss strategic opportunities and specific creative task ideas, adding the most value to your campaign as possible. 


If you would like to grow your business with data-driven SEO strategy and planning, email or call us and we will talk you through how we can help.


These are some of our local, national and international SEO clients (and friends!): 

  • Deichmann Shoes 
  • Domino Printing Sciences 
  • Experian 
  • Trifibre 

If you would like to identify issues and opportunities through SEO auditing and consultancy, email or call us and we will talk you through how we can help

Why Anicca?

Our SEO team bring experts SEO knowledge and techniques to your business. Their collective experience and technical expertise, provide a wide skillset, commercial awareness and creativity to SEO consultancy projects – which is essential when keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape. This along with our in-depth content audits, backlink audits, and technical SEO audits set us apart and allow to get to the bottom of your SEO needs. 


We also work very closely with our paid search, paid social, PR and content teams, to combine campaign data and strategy ideas. We will also provide a lead into other channels where we see growth opportunities in areas other than SEO – so our commercial input extends beyond how SEO can help your business targets. 

Pall-Ex have been working with Anicca digital for a few years now and our results have been outstanding. The innovation from their team is a breath of fresh air.

Mark Steele
MD – Pall-Ex International Business Units

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