BBC Set to Inspire the Next Generation of Creative Thinkers

Back in the day when the latest tune on the radio was “video killed the radio star” by The Buggles, the BBC were busy helping Britain get to grips with the latest technology by introducing schools up and down the country to the BBC micro. Now, in a bid to help inspire the next generation of creative thinkers and technological minds, the BBC have announced a new initiative.

Their aim is to get kids coding, creating their own websites and apps, and even introducing them to the concept of 3D printing. The BBC are doing this to secure the continued development of the digital age, inspiring a new generation of creative and technologically minded individuals which will push us to the next level. It all sounds really exciting, but how do they intend to deliver this across the UK?

Well, at the heart of this new initiative lie partnerships. This will allow the BBC to deliver this across the UK and provide young children with the skill set to drive a growing industry. What do you have to say about this new initiative?

For more details read this latest post from the BBC.


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