What Is Paid, Owned and Earned Media (POEM)?

In content marketing it’s important to create a strategy which successfully incorporates paid, owned and earned media, but what exactly is paid, earned and owned media? Well, to help you we’ve devised this brief guide which should help you to answer this question.

Paid media is exposure which is paid for, this often includes PPC, display ads, retargeting, paid content promotions and social media ads. In contrast, earned media is very  difficult to obtain because it’s completely out of your control. In a nutshell, earned media is natural engagement, whether it’s a customer writing a positive review, a client speaking about your brand or someone writing an editorial about your product. Owned media, is very different in that this is the media which you have full control over. It’s the content you place on your website, blog or social media channels and it gives you the opportunity to create unique content which others might be interested in. It also provides you with the means to  develop your brand.

Now, the hard bit is getting all of these aspects to work together and the best way of doing this is to create a plan of action. For more details on how earned, paid and owned media can help with your marketing efforts, please check out our infographic below.

paid, owned or earned media3

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