Go Green With Your Content: How to Repurpose Old Content

BrightonSEO 2022 is underway and we’re buzzing to see what tips, tricks, and trends we can glean from this year’s event. To help you keep up-to-date with the best and brightest in paid, organic, PR, and social media marketing we’re here to provide breakdowns of all the talks and presentations going on at the UK’s biggest SEO event.

We’re at Brighton SEO and after a day attending a wide range of talks from Content Marketing to Migrations and Relaunches, one common thread that has stood out above all others is REPURPOSE OLD CONTENT. 

Talk after talk; whether an interesting case study about how not doing things the right way is the right way or the content journey as told through a cast of Mr Men-like cartoon characters, always included one salient point; your information is live so updating and recycling is key. 

Why is repurposing old content important?

For SEO and marketeers repurposing content is one of the quickest ways to improve your site’s performance. An old blog or landing page already has data so SEO experts can scour your archive and find pages that pull a lot of traffic but don’t convert and suggest ways to make them more effective. 

Users change and grow with different search techniques and requirements moving with the times. The method for X may have been one way in 2018 but it may well have changed today.

This can be done in a multitude of ways but can be loosely broken down into two camps:

Quick Wins

Quick wins are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to refresh your content. Doing this requires a crawl of your website to see which pages are performing and which aren’t. Highlight the blog posts or landing pages with good/high traffic and low conversions and investigate them. 

Cast a critical eye over them, try to find out and look to see which landing pages or blogs are driving a lot of traffic but not converting. Make a shortlist of pages to work on and study ways to improve them. 

  • Do you need to make the call to action stronger? 
  • Maybe you need to break the content up with tables, videos, images, or bullet points to make it easier to read? 
  • Or perhaps you just need to update the information with more relevant keyphrases. 
  • Look for duplicate content or pages that may be taking traffic away from each other and combine them into a single resource.

Search behaviour and expectations change over time and this is true for all your content, even the blogs collecting dust on page seven.

Once you’ve got a strategy, researched the keyphrases, and planned your attack, it’s time to get to work. Update your pages with the times and track their performance.

Long-Term Growth

The other popular method to recycle and reuse content is for long-term growth.

Picture it like this; A central piece of content generally explains the topic with internal links to more specialised blogs with deeper investigations and more long-term keyphrases.

For example; if you have an insurance company and you have a blog piece explaining the requirements and benefits of insurance packages you can use this piece as a central pillar. From this general page, you can create more in-depth blogs with long-tail keywords and information aimed at specific target markets. For example; The Best Insurance Products for Self-Employed People or The Best Insurance Products for The Public Sector.

These pages can then be linked to the central pillar and create an evergreen resource that can be built upon year on year. This is a great way to repurpose old content, especially guides or informative pieces.

This long-term strategy takes a bit more time to plan but provides a platform to create niche content around keyphrase clusters. This can lead to more control over specific keyphrases and better visibility around semantic variations. 

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