How Facebook Open Graph Can Be Integrated Into eCommerce Websites – A Case Study with Fresh Cargo

Anicca Digital has recently completed a website development project for our client, Fresh Cargo, which now includes Facebook Open Graph integration for all products.

With the likes of Facebook and Pinterest image sharing has never been more popular, and with the full integration of tools like Facebook Open Graph it is great news for our e-commerce clients.

Who Are Fresh Cargo?

Fresh Cargo is an e-commerce site specialising in fair trade shoes, clothing and accessories.

Founded in 2009, Fresh Cargo has been working with teams in Kenya, the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand to give them a fair wage for the work they produce.

The Website Development project

Our bespoke website design and development was a great fit for Fresh Cargo as the site boasts:

  • A large database of products
  • Full shopping cart functionality – including World Pay payment system integration
  • Simple search
  • Advanced product search

Social sharing is becoming increasingly popular for e-commerce sites and the team at Fresh Cargo wanted to take advantage of this by making sure that each product on their site could be easily shared and distributed by their customers.

We then looked into the integration of Facebook's Open Graph API, which allows users to “like products and share it to their wall”. The API also allows site owners to monitor the number of likes and shares their content has received on Facebook, which is essential for monitoring the social impact of your site.

How Does the Facebook Open Graph Work?

The Open Graph integration works similarly to rich snippets and provides Facebook with image and meta data to “push” to a user’s Facebook wall. For example, these flower fairy lights (pictured) have meta data placed in the head document of the page to pass image data and other content through to Facebook.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help develop your site and integrate your e-commerce pages with Facebook, send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we will get back to you.

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