TFMA Presentation From Ann Stanley; Using PPC & SEO for An Integrated Approach to eCommerce Marketing

Ann Stanley Presented an “integrated Approach to ecommerce marketing” at TFMA 2012 this week (Technology for Marketing and Advertising).

Below is a summary of the keypoints included:

    • The ecommerce landscape is more complex and fragmented with many channels to sell on-site and off-site
    • Panda has changed the way ecommerce sites need to be optimised – content is more important than ever!
    • Paid search continues to offer new ad formats for use with ecommerce sites, particularly by integrating with Merchant Centre

  • Use data from PPC to identify converting keyphrases and use these for SEO
  • Social is important to generate direct traffic and sales; but also indirectly due to the importance of social indicators in SEO
  • You need to understand how mobile is used by shoppers, and check whether your website is compatible for use with mobile, tablets and other devices
  • Conversion optimisation and measurement is key to maximise the ROI from different channels
  • Channel management software such as ChannelAdvisor will become more important to centrally manage inventory, pricing and the data feeds

Download the presentation here: Using PPC and SEO for integrated ecommerce marketing

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