Bing Ads Starts Piloting Expanded Ads


Shortly after Google’s official announcement in May that they would be releasing a new ad format in the form of expanded ads, Bing followed suit (as expected) announcing its support for this feature.

Just like in AdWords what this now means is that you get 50% more character space to fill with enticing & useful information, so users who do click on your ad should be instantly more qualified to make a conversion.

With the new ad style now live across all AdWords accounts, Bing has started to give the nod to advertisers to start importing & uploading these expanded ads into its platform. Initially this is being rolled out as a pilot with select advertisers getting access.

Getting Onto The Pilot

To be accepted on to the Pilot you will need to apply at the following link, providing your contact information and customer ID in the application form.

Once accepted (which Bing states may take up to a week to process the application) you will be able to sync your AdWords account and start directly importing your ads from there.

With a lot of advertisers quick to adopt the expanded ads within AdWords, make sure you keep one step ahead on Bing too and sign up to the pilot.

If you require any assistance & resource to get these expanded ads set up get in touch with us on 0116 298 7496.


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