How To Set Up International PPC campaigns – The Basics

Running PPC campaigns in your local market is a complex procedure. Running PPC campaigns in multiple international markets is even more complex and requires more resource for your in-house team or agency. This blog post will explain some of the best practices and tips from the Anicca team when considering launching PPC campaigns worldwide.

Get Your Local Market profitable before expanding
One of the fundamental errors that companies make with international PPC campaigns is launching accounts across all geo-locales when their local market campaigns are not running in a profitable manner.  It is vital that you first get your local market campaigns running in-line with your company expectations.

  1. Make it local to the area you are targeting
    When you start planning to run campaigns in other geo locales it is vital that you create a web site or set of landing pages for each international market in their local language with local domain extensions. The use of translation agencies can provide you with a low cost solution when translating text into local language.
    The use of a local language speaker to translate is recommended to ensure appropriate tone of voice and accuracy of translation.
  2. Check which search engine is used in the local area
    When the time comes to launch PPC campaigns internationally you should consider that Google is not always the number one choice of search engines in all countries internationally.
    The Global stats statistics counter gives an up-to-date analysis of which search engine is most used and can be found here.

By Sundeep Maini & James Murphy


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