Google+ business pages – 6 easy steps to get you started…


So you’ve set-up a Google+ business page but what do you do with it now? Whether you’re a social network addict or novice there are some simple and easy steps to optimize your Google+ business page to make it work for you. Here are a few quick tips to get your Google+ business profile off the ground.

Step one –  Share photos
Generate those all important conversations by posting key images, charts and slides to incite debates and increase your reach by encouraging your subscribers to share your images to their circles.

Step two – Share links
You have the options to recommend links via the about section in your Google+ business page. Don’t let this get stale by leaving it blank. This can be a powerful tool to drive traffic and generate leads to your own site. So make sure you share your websites, blogs and social network links.

Step three – promote your Google+ page
To make your Google+ page visible to others you need to utilise your existing communication channels such as your blog and website.  You can add the Google+ badge to your website to let your visitors know you have a Google+ page. Details can be found here:


Step four – Get advocates
Similar to asking your Twitter followers to ‘retweet’ by asking your Google+ subscribers to share your links or photo with their circles you will increase brand awareness and your traffic. The best kind of marketing is word of mouth and this is the digital equivalent.

Step five – Analyse and track leads
Now you’ve started using Google+ for business is it working for you? Check the traffic and leads which have been delivered via Google+ to your website from plus.google.com

Step six – Share the right message to the right circle
You can put your subscribers into circles which are categories or groups of people. You probably wouldn’t want to send the same message you would send to your family that you would send to close friends. The circles function of Google+ allows you to be really specific in segmenting your messages to different stakeholder groups.

Have you set-up a Google+ business page yet? If not, we produced a simple and easy to follow how to guide – How to Set Up a Google Business Page



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