B2C Digital Marketing for the Ecommerce & Retail Sector

Digital marketing in the ecommerce and retail sector is one of the best ways to grow your brand. With most users shopping online, digital marketing has quickly become a necessity for companies in the ecommerce and retail sector.


Some of our longest-standing clients work across fashion, home and garden in the ecommerce sector, and it’s an area we have years of experience in.


Digital marketing will improve a brand’s presence online, in a competitive marketplace, driving sales and bringing exciting brand awareness to your company.


Our SEO, PPC, Social and PR teams provide full-service campaigns that are tracked, backed up with data and generate proven results, all with your business aim in mind.

Full Service Support from Anicca

Paid Search and Paid Social for the Ecommerce & Retail Sector

Whether your business goal is to increase sales overall, highlight key products, introduce a new range, or simply get up there in the Shopping Ads, our award-winning PPC team has you covered.


Our experienced PPC Account Managers will usually recommend and implement a range of remarketing, display and shopping ads.


Your PPC package will improve your budget’s efficiency, reach new and engaged customers ready to make a purchase, and generally improve your CTR, impressions and your reach.


Some of the services you can expect include:


  • Regional, national, and/or international campaigns
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) and Click Through Rate (CTR) improved
  • New leads generated
  • Improve the efficacy of even niche products or campaigns
  • Quality of site traffic improved, often contributing to a rise in conversion rates and engagement

SEO for Ecommerce and Retail Brands

Undertaking an ecommerce campaign is often a large scale project, with hundreds of products and pages needing to be streamlined and crafted into one cohesive site that works for both you and your customers.


As Google Partners, with a multi-award-winning team, our SEO experts will implement a strategy and optimise your site to improve your rankings and establish you as a key competitor in your sector.


SEO for ecommerce and retail clients includes:


  • Full Content Audit
  • Full Technical SEO Audit
  • Content Calendar for the next 12 months
  • Optimised content provided, or usable content improved
  • New landing pages recommended
  • Gaps in your current SEO filled and opportunities to rank maximised
  • International/multi-country SEO strategy implemented (if required)

Analytics & Conversion Optimisation for the Ecommerce & Retail Sector

Over time, improving your conversion rate will maximise your sales, and even incremental improvements can make a huge difference.


Our agency is built on data, and one of the first things we will look at on your site is your tracking and how we can best utilise data to drive your campaigns.


Analytics and conversion work for the ecommerce sector will usually include the following points:


  • Bespoke Data Studio Dashboard created
  • Device and browser testing, user testing, feedback to identify user stopping points on your site
  • Tracking created, fixed or new data sources inputted
  • Social, PPC, SEO data added to your monthly reports
  • Set up and management of CRM and/or marketing automation software, such as SharpSpring, HubSpot, Salesforce or Zoho.

PR & Link Building for the Ecommerce & Retail Sector

PR and link building projects can maximise your reach exponentially, especially in the ecommerce, home & garden, and fashion & retail sectors. Our client, Charles Bentley has now had two features on BBC East Midlands news, gained by our team’s PR work which achieved outstanding press coverage.


Building links is also a key marker of domain authority for your site, which can greatly increase your rankings and boost your SEO.


We’ve worked on campaigns involving Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding for Deichmann, so are well practised at helping brands gain success with their online campaigns, such as new launches of products and lines.


Your PR work with us will include a tailored mix of:


  • Professional industry press releases written and shared across local, national and if required, international media
  • Shareworthy content
  • Backlinks to your site gained naturally from trusted sources
  • Media list created and extensive opportunities for coverage located
  • Relationships built with key thought leaders and important publications within your sector
  • Liaison with the press, journalists, bloggers, influencers managed for you

Digital Marketing Training for Ecommerce & Retail Sectors

We’ve been sharing our knowledge since we first began, as we believe everyone should have the tools to accomplish their digital marketing goals.


Our expert team have years of experience as trainers, as well as their own specialist areas within digital marketing.


During your training, you can expect a packed session, filled with engaging, informative content that will ensure you become comfortable within your chosen subject area.


  • One-to-one or group sessions with our marketing experts
  • All sessions tailored to your team’s exact needs
  • Plenty of materials and extra resources provided during training
  • Remote or face-to-face sessions available
  • Certified Digital Marketing Qualifications accredited by the DMI & CIM

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