Anicca’s Top Christmas Ads of 2022

Anicca’s Top Christmas Ads of 2022 

Everyone loves a good Christmas ad that will get us in the festive spirit. 

From a marketing point of view – Christmas campaigns are a great tool to increase brand awareness and great marketing content to end the year with. 

Well, at Anicca, we’ve done our research and rounded up our favourite Christmas ads from this year. Whether it’s a cute animal acting like a human or a star-studded cast making you laugh and cry in equal measure, these ads are guaranteed to put you in the mood for Christmas. 

Make sure to scroll down to find out Anicca’s favourite Christmas ad! 

🥕Aldi – Will Kevin be home alone this Christmas?

If you’re looking for a funny Christmas story that’ll bring the whole family together, then look no further than the new Kevin Aldi advert. 

The advert sees Kevin left by himself in a Home Alone-themed story, and as he tries to escape an intruder in his home, he ends up falling into a snowman in a rather controversial position – that has prompted some commentary among viewers.  

Kevin has become a staple in Aldi’s Christmas campaigns since he first made a TV appearance back in 2016.  

“Absolutely love this ad, so funny to find out what adventures Kevin is on every year, but it’s great for building brand recognition with its audience”. – Aneta Kowacka Paid Media Executive

🧸 Lidl – The Story of Lidl Bear

Lidl Bear is a cute teddy bear who wears a very apt jumper featuring the shop’s branding across it, after the bear’s owner’s Dad accidentally shrunk his own jumper. 

After visiting Lidl’s middle aisle, Lidl Bear becomes a superstar and even gets his own social media account! But he gets caught up in the life of a showbiz superstar, getting dragged away from the family and life he had before. However, all Christmas stories have to have a happy ending! So does Lidl’s ad with Lidl Bear deciding to give up his life of celebrity and he manages to make it home just in time for Christmas dinner with his family.


🍟 McDonald’s – The List
If you’re looking for a cute Christmas ad to share with your kids – McDonald’s has got you covered! 

Get ready for the emotional punch with McDonald’s heart-warming Christmas ad. We can confirm – you’ll cry. Throughout the ad, Alfie is out with his parents carrying his gigantic list, for Santa, but all the pages are blown away by the wind. After losing his list Alfie’s parents takes him to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal to cheer him up. Later, in the ad, we discover that Alfie saved one page from his list – a picture of him and his parents spending Christmas together! 


👑  Sainsbury’s – Once Upon a Pud
Alison Hammond + sassy countess diva vibes + festive food = Great Christmas ad! 

Sainsbury’s knows that food plays a central role in any celebration, but festive food sometimes might be the cause of many family discussions. The Sainsbury’s Christmas advert retells a fantasy story and puts the focus on one of the main Christmas debates: The Christmas Pudding. 

The ad takes viewers back to medieval times and in the style of a traditional story – the chefs present to the countess their creations for Christmas dinner. Everything goes smoothly until the young chef who prepared the pudding disappoints the countess with his choice. She confesses that she has never liked pudding. She leaves the cook to create a new recipe for the popular dessert that the countess may like. Our young lad spends hours working on finding a new recipe for the countess that will make her fall in love. The lad decides to follow Sainsbury’s caramelized biscuit pudding recipe and the dessert exceeds the countess expectations! It’s a great promotion of Sainsbury’s “Taste the Difference” premium range, which creates new recipes for the most traditional dishes.  


🛒 Asda – Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas

This year, Asda has a little Christmas helper in their latest ad. 

Buddy the Elf is back. And this time, he’s not just bringing Christmas cheer—he’s bringing Christmas chaos! In what might be the world’s most relatable ad, Buddy brings his trademark enthusiasm to Asda and manages to do everything wrong on his first day as an employee of the store. He eats all the free pigs in blankets, distracts his colleagues with his Christmas plans, and sings loudly over the store audio system—The chaos in Asda’s Christmas ad is something that viewers can relate to, especially with all the preparations for it.


🛹 John Lewis & Partners – The Beginner

It’s Christmas, and we’ve all got a lot to be thankful for. But this year, we’re especially thankful for the man who takes up skateboarding – and let me tell you why. 

This year’s John Lewis ad tells the story of a big-hearted man who takes up a certain new hobby which doesn’t work out too well for him. The advert starts with a man trying to learn how to skateboard. He has numerous attempts and some pretty bad injuries, he’s practising at work and watching YouTube videos to get a better grasp of a skateboard. It’s clear that he is preparing for something big that will include skateboarding for sure! 

Later, viewers see him at home preparing dinner with his wife when the doorbell rings. They answer it to a social worker standing with foster child Ellie, who is clutching a skateboard. It’s a great heart-warming ad, which aims to raise awareness of children in care.


👓 Boots – Joy For All

Boots knows that Christmas is the time of year when you get to share your love and kindness with your friends and family. And this year, they want you to do it really especially: with special glasses that help you see what brings people joy. 

In the ad, Jenna Coleman wears the magic glasses and sees that her surroundings have been transformed with a sprinkle of Christmas magic. She uses special glasses to see what brings people joy whenever she wears them, and they help her pick out the perfect presents for each special person. In the end, she takes out the magic glasses and notices that the Christmas magic had been spread. 

It’s a great ad that will get you excited to think about what you are going to give to your friends and family on Christmas morning! 

Now you’re probably wondering what’s our favourite Christmas advert.
Well, we couldn’t decide on any specific ad as they were all great! But we’ve managed to agree and choose our top three.   


  1. John Lewis – The Beginner
  2. Aldi – Will Kevin be home alone for Christmas
  3. Asda – Have your Elf a Merry Christmas


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