Integrating Webmaster Tools into AdWords

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to check the indexing of your website, check for links to the website and find any broken links. It also allows you to see what keyword searches on Google showed your website as an organic link – this is useful information when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

If this data is useful to SEO marketers, then surely it can be made useful to AdWords marketers?

Of course it can. More data, such as seeing organic keywords versus paid keywords can help you build a more holistic strategy. The ability to see where you are organically strong or weak can help you focus PPC efforts.

For example: I’m a footwear retailer. I do really well organically for keywords such as trainers and plimsolls, however not so well for sandals. I can shift PPC focus onto my sandal campaigns (especially during the summer, when it makes sense to focus on sandals) and hopefully see an improvement to sales overall.

There are several different strategies you may wish to implement, and you have the data available to help you in your judgement call.

How to Link Webmaster Tools to AdWords?

Linking the two is really simple.

First thing you want to do is make sure you have admin-level access; otherwise you will be unable to do it.

Then follow these easy steps:

1. Go to Account Settings


2. Click Linked Accounts > Webmaster Tools


3. Enter your website(s) URL (‘+ Link new site’)

4. Verify that you actually own the site. You can do this by uploading an HTML file onto your site (which should not be taken down). Alternatively you can do via one of the following ways:


5. Job Done!

You will now be able to see the paid / organic keyword comparison when you go to the Dimensions tab, and view: paid & organic.


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