Search engine Click Through Rates (CTR’s) – new study compares Google and Bing CTR’s

In the battle of the search engines Google is proving to hold the monopoly over its counterparts in terms of referring traffic – according to a new study by Slingshot SEO looking at search engine Click Through Rates (CTR's).

What is Click Through Rate (CTR)?
Click Through Rate (CTR) is the term used to describe the ratio of how often people end up clicking on your link from search results. CTR can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing.

CTR is one of the best metrics for analysing user engagement on the web. In their study Slingshot SEO used client data and over 600 non-branded keywords to compare the CTR of results on Google and Bing.

In the table below the results make a good model to estimate traffic. The highlights show that 18.2% of searchers click on the site ranked number 1 on Google, and 10% click on the number 2 site. In contrast, only 9.7% click on the number 1 ranked site in Bing, with that figure falling to 5.5% for the number 2 site:

Click Through Rate (CTR) Slingshot SEO study









These results suggest a much higher searcher engagement with Google than Bing – could this be due to searchers having more trust in Google's ranking algorithm than Bing's?

As part of the study into CTR's, Slingshot SEO looked at some of the common ranking factors to highlight the difference between Google and Bing when it comes to choosing which sites rank where in their search results:

CTR ranking factors - Slingshot SEO study









Despite Bing being the default search engine on Internet Explorer, the web browser for Windows, Google still has 65% of the search market.

To highlight the disparity in success between the two search engines, the study found that every month there are 117 million searches on Bing for the search term ‘Google'! In contrast, Google gets about 4 million searches per month for ‘Bing'.

The user demographics for each search engine differ as well – with Bing split between 58% women and 42% men and Google used by 45% women and 55% men

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