The 7 Best Content Marketing YouTube Videos

This article includes a combination of some of the best content marketing videos on YouTube. The range of videos includes introductions to content marketing for newcomers, recommendations for company blog content, strategies for finding content ideas and finally opinions from experts in the field of recent content marketing they have found memorable.
These are all quick watches that are each around 10 minutes or under.

Content Marketing

Introducing Content Marketing

This is a short video that shares some great examples of memorable content marketing, including strategies used by worldwide brands including Audi and BMW. With the use of these examples, it also illustrates how content marketing strategies can encourage members of the public to interact with the companies social media websites, which can result in sharing, and ultimately lead to a higher number of visitors to the original content.
Statistics are also shared within the video that represent how organisations across the world view content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is explained in detail in this video, and yet is incredibly simple to understand. This is great for newcomers to content marketing as it covers many of the content marketing basics, with a simple presentation with key words in bold text and a minimal amount of images to avoid distractions.
The video includes various types of content types that you can use on your domain or blog and briefly discusses keyword optimising and how the content you use can build your website or blogs traffic and rank higher within search engine results.

Koozai's Content Marketing Advice and Tips On Strategy

This video is around 7 minutes long, but after a brief introduction to the video, the strategy tips begin at around 1.20. For those of you that are new to content marketing, this video explains what the meaning of the term actually is without any confusing. The video outlines some key types of content that you can use on your website, that will allow viewers to engage with your blog, including industry news, videos and competitions.
You can also note down a list of tools that are also mentioned during the video, that allow you to enter keywords that will then generate content ideas for you. In addition to this, another list of tools are mentioned that allow you to see content topics that are being shared the most, that will be highly useful when deicing what content you should include on your website.
These basic tips will certainly make you feel much more comfortable if you're new to content marketing.

The Greatest Misconception in Content Marketing

In this video, one of Moz's experts examines the topic of content marketing. With a whiteboard diagram, he discusses what content marketing is not rather than is, eliminating a common myth that many people believe within content marketing. Afterwards, he discusses how you can take the concept, develop and utilise it in attempt to achieve a successful content marketing strategy.

How Unique Does Content Need to Be to Perform Well in Search Engines?

Rand Fishkin discusses the importance of creating unique content for your website and blogs. He emphasises on the consequences that can occur when duplicate content is uploaded onto the web, referring to how search engines filter this type of content out which can lower your website in the rankings on search engines.
The Moz expert reviews the value of ensuring that your content is distinctive and diverse from other content, and how you should pursue establishing content that isn't already on the web.

Tips For Managing A Company Blog

While you may be developing content for many clients, websites and blogs, you may have your own companies blog to think about also. The team at Koozai have created a short 10 minute video to explain how having a content guideline, stylesheet and content strategy for multiple employees to follow who are creating content for a company blog.

The Moz Daily SEO Fix: How to Use The Top Pages Report to Find Content Ideas

In just over a minute, one of Moz's team members shares a quick tip to find content ideas. In the demo, he shows us how to use the top page report in Open Site Explorer to find good content related ideas from competitors that you can use for inspiration and adapt for your own content purposes.
This method also gives you an idea of what is currently trending amongst your competitors. You can view the topics that are currently popular amongst content writers, and how many social shares, likes, and tweets these articles have gained.
As an incredibly short and simple tip, this is something you can incorporate into your content writing daily to narrow down what topics you're already working on are likely to attract views and social sharing.

The Experts Weigh In: 7 Stellar Examples of Content Marketing

A group of experts were asked to give examples of pieces of content marketing they think have been inventive, powerful and memorable. Experts such as Michael Brenner, the vice president of global marketing for SAP, Joe Chernov, VP of marketing at Kinvey and Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner each share an example of content marketing that has amazed and entertained them and why they have been effective pieces of content marketing.

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