The Great Anicca Bake-Off

In the name of charity, we at Anicca have organised a bake-off to raise money for MacMillan. We’ve donned our aprons and baking mitts and produced an array of delicious and tasty goodies! Both boys and girls have had a bash at this baking-malarkey, creating everything from delicious cookies and cupcakes to chocolate covered cakes and beautiful homemade scones  – we have it all. The competition is fierce but luckily our Judge James Murphy is ready to take on the hardest challenge of all and taste all baked goodies.

We’ll have three winners. One winner will be chosen based on how good their baked goods tasted, the next winner will be chosen on how good their baked goods looked and the next winner will be chosen on how much they bribed the judge. That’s right, one of us could bribe our way into a winning spot (all bribes go to charity).
May the best man or woman win. Winners to be announced shortly alongside the amount we have raised!


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