Bing & Pinterest Partnership Causes Excitement

Bing and Pinterest have partnered up, meaning that Bing is now showing Pinterest boards in the right hand column of it’s image search results– it links directly to the Pinterest account and allows you to pin it directly from the image search results.

Bing & Pinterest Partnership

Pin a Pic on Bing

Jon Noronha, Nevin Yang and Deepak Santhanam, who are program managers of the official Bing blog had this to say;

“Lately, we’ve noticed that the most interesting pictures on the web are being collected by people, not computers. On sites like Pinterest, passionate curators can build up a collection of ideas that shows off their unique style. We started to ask ourselves what if we could have the best of both worlds, combining the power of algorithm with the taste and judgement of real people”

While this is definitely exciting, what might intrigue you further is that Pinterest is looking at ways to monetize its platform, specifically sponsored ads. Now, because of this new partnership between Pinterest and Bing, Bing could benefit from possible ad syndication and Webmaster tool data.

All very exciting stuff, I think you will agree. The only downside is that this new image search facility is only available to those in America. Great if you are running an international campaign on Pinterest but not so great for those targeting the UK.


If you’re not on Pinterest, should you be? Read on to learn why so many businesses are using Pinterest.

Pinterest; What’s All The Fuss?

It’s no surprise that if you work in the marketing industry you’ll have listened to someone rave about Pinterest and how great it is. But, the question is, why is it so great and why are people gibbering about it?
The answer is simple, because unlike other social networking sites Pinterest understands our love for pictures, our love to see something which makes us smile, laugh, sad or evoke any type of emotion. It’s the old adage all over again – a picture tells a thousand words, and it is this which keeps people Pinning.

Should I Include Pinterest in My Social Media Strategy?

Pinterest is a fantastic social network which has secured a place in the hearts of consumers up and down the country. But while this is true, should you include it in your social media strategy?
The answer to this depends on your target market. If you are a B2C business then Pinterest might work for you, but is your target audience on Pinterest? If your target audience doesn’t use Pinterest, why would you waste time and money on it? This is why a social media strategy is so important, because it helps to identify the social networking sites you should be using rather than the social networking sites you think you should be using.

What Type of Businesses Should Be Utilising Pinterest?

Pinterest is all about sharing fantastic photos and infographics. So it’s perfect for any online business who has an eCommerce site. It acts as another platform to showcase your products on, and if you are creative enough to showcase them in an unusual and intriguing way you’ll find that there are lots of Pinterest users ready and willing to share and buy your product.

Hopefully this has given you some food for thought, if you are using Pinterest why not share your thoughts on why you think it’s so effective?


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