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Google Analytics have officially incorporated Google Webmaster Tools reports into their services. Think back four months ago when Google Analytics launched a pilot program between the two services – well this week Google's Analytics team announced the piloting scheme is to become a steadfast feature of the service and will now be available for everyone to link Webmaster tools and their Google Analytics account. Google shrewdly took all the feedback they received during the test period, enhancing Google's services even further.

Integrated Webmaster Tools Reports

Google have set the scheme out with three new tools pulling data from Webmaster Tools. If you enter Google Analytics, all three of the applications can be found under the Traffic Sources section, in a section labeled Search Engine Optimization. The three reports are Queries, Landing Pages and Geographical Summary.

The Queries report: Will provide you data from terms Google users searched and what position your site appeared in the results. The default report includes Impressions within the SERP (search engine results page) clicks, CTR (click through rate), and the average ranking for your site. Some visitor stats are also available; however secondary information is limited at the moment. Perhaps Google will plan to extend their services by offering more secondary information in the future?

The Landing Pages Report: Here comes the good bit. The landing pages display your top viewed content that were also entry points to your website, directly from a Google search query. It displays your top-viewed content that was an entry point to your website from the users Google search. It uses the same four components or metric systems as the queries report, tied with the Google's Real Time Analytics.

The Geographical Report: This displays the original locations, in this case the country, of the visitor that originated from a Google SERP, again using impressions, clicks and CTR to compile the data.

But first, to use these reports you need to link you account to Webmaster Tools. Linking your accounts is a relatively simple process that starts in Google Webmaster Tools. Your main Webmaster Tools landing page has a list of all the sites which are connected to your account. Select the Google site menu and click Google Analytics property.

You’ll be redirected to a page labeled ‘Enable Webmaster Tools' in Google Analytics. Now you can match up the site to the corresponding site in your own Google Analytics profiles. Match them, and save them, and your accounts are linked.

In true Google Analytics style, you can even filter the reports and add your own dimensions or metrics, making the tool personally constructive for you and access to these quick stats on search queries is very important.

However, Webmaster Tools still presents more data, including changes in popularity for various queries. But it's always helpful to have quick, reliable data at hand, and once again in true Google style, they have tapped into what their users need and want.

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