Using Pinterest For Business

Pinterest is now THE fastest growing social media website ever – with over 20 million users (reference) in under a year they’ve done pretty well for themselves.  So what else can it be used for other than planning a wedding or looking at pictures of crazy cats?

There is definitely a commercial use within Pinterest; the trick is finding how to make it work specifically for your company. Every company is different, so every Pinterest marketing strategy should be different as well. Modern online shopping habits have changed significantly from what they were two years ago. People now shop from their smart phone or tablet not just their computer. Impulse buying now makes up for 46% of the market- one click buying is the ultimate feature to make shopping easy. But how much further does it go? 

Online boutiques such as Bouticca turned all of their product ranges onto boards in their Pinterest account, and now Pinterest generates 10% of their monthly revenue (reference) There are no rules or wrong answers when it comes to Pinterest marketing, so what we have put together ten tips to set you on the right course…

1. Planning is Key

When you create your account do it properly, make sure you use an up to date and quality logo. Remember you want to be as appealing as possible when creating your boards, and keep what your audience wants in mind, and it fits into your industry niche, not your own personal niche. Also make sure you set up Pinterest pin and share buttons to your site and profiles (if and where possible) to integrate all of your online platforms.

2. Remember Copyright Rules

Remember not to pin anything which could infringe any copyright laws- if it's a supplier's image or product it may be best to double check with them first. This doesn't apply for re-pinning. Once the image is in the public domain you are able to re-pin it without infringing direct copyright laws.

3. Pin Strategically

The idea is to pin, repin and follow. Once you’ve built up a loyal following, then they'll reward you in turn with good sharing. Remember whenever someone repins something to your site, think of it as a free link being built. It may not carry any link juice but the importance is still there.

4. Be Social on Pinterest

Don't forget that's what it's all about- it's a social networking site, the idea is to interact and react; get involved.  Comment on posts, like pins and tag other associates by name. It's also a really good idea to be polite and thank someone when they repin you. Don't set this up to be automatic, do it yourself; the personal touch is always the best.

5. Produce Pinnable Content

Because Pinterest is image based it means your images are going to have to be high quality, eye catching and original. Have a look at creating your own infographics, and don't forget pinning videos is also a really good means of user engagement. You can also pin images which direct people to your Slideshare or YouTube account.

6. Create and Curate

Share just as many photos as you upload. People tend to focus on the image first, the pinner second and the source last- it's a share and share alike community so get involved.

7. Be a Creative Pinner

Reach out to find different pins, it can be as related or unrelated to your industry as you like, you can run competitions for the best pin, the most repinned image etc. and use this to draw attention to your brand. For example, enter your pin and the most repinned entrant will receive half a day's free training, or voucher etc. Check out the example from Banglads below:

Pinterest for business


8. Keep Search Engines in Mind

Google keeps an eye on social signals, so if you include hastags, keywords and links within your pin descriptions then it won't go unnoticed by the search engines.

9. Get all The Tools

Pinterest have released a plethora of tools you can use, the two best could be the Pinterest App and ‘Pin-It' button for you tool bar.

10. Monitor and Measure your Traffic

Monitor the flow of traffic from your Pinterest account to your website via your Google Analytics account. It's also a good idea to monitor what competitors are doing to make sure you stay at the top of your game.

So if you're apprehensive about getting your company on Pinterest, grab the bull by the horns and sign up. It's a great way to connect with your audience and keep track on what's popular in the digital world. It's also a fantastic way of sharing links to your products or services.

If you want to know more about how you can make Pinterest, or social media in general, work for your business, get in touch with us today.


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